How to find a lost android phone without an app


Where to find Your Unguaranteed Android Device

Which means you lost your Android phone or tablet, and you do not have an online antitheft or Gps navigation location application installed? Don’t beat yourself up too badly, just because a couple of methods can always assist you to remotely locate or secure it.

Within this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to make use of two Android applications that may be remotely installed and triggered through the Android Market website, which can provide you with another chance at finding your lost or stolen smartphone. Obviously, your Android device should be powered on and also have whether data or Wi-Fi connection to ensure that this to operate. In case your system is switched off, you’ll probably still are able of finding it when someone turns it back on.
Retroactively Remote-Take Control Of Your Device With AndroidLost

AndroidLost is really a remote-control application for Android products which you can use for a number of remote functions (including playing a siren and finding your device on the internet Maps) via text (SMS) instructions or even the AndroidLost website. To obtain began with AndroidLost, you will need a computer (or possibly another smartphone or tablet) which you can use to gain access to the web and appearance email. If you’re able to, it’s also wise to request a buddy having a cell phone that will help you send SMS instructions for your lost or stolen smartphone.

AndroidLost continues to be in beta, however it already offers a lot of neat remote features including SMS and call-log retrieval, plus features for delivering texts out of your phone, taking and receiving photos from you, exhibiting messages around the device, and custom text-to-speech bulletins which you can use to broadcast messages out of your lost or stolen device. You may also look into the status (battery level, IMEI, telephone number, and so forth) of the missing tool and get it send an e-mail alert when the Sim is transformed. AndroidLost may also remotely lock your device having a PIN or perhaps wipe it and reinstate your phone or tablet towards the factory default, however these options can not be enabled unless of course you assign the AndroidLost application administrative privileges, which should be done in the missing device. However, even without use of your smartphone or tablet you are able to erase the Sdcard to safeguard your computer data.

AndroidLostAndroidLost may look just a little sketchy, but it is a totally free service to help you remotely take control of your missing Android device.

First, inside your Web browser, open the AndroidLost page within the Android Market, click Install, and register with similar Google account you utilize in your missing Android device. Within a few moments, the AndroidLost application should instantly install itself in your device. Observe that before you start giving remote instructions, the AndroidLost application must authenticate your device with Google’s servers, so it must do instantly.

To see if the application has registered your device, visit the AndroidLost website and register with similar Google account that you employ in your device. After that, click on the Controls or Configurations pages when the pages appear with remote-control choices for your missing device, you are all set. Otherwise, you have to keep checking by logging out and in every a few minutes approximately. If time is important, you can test to pressure registration by delivering an SMS message that reads &ldquoandroidlost register&rdquo for your device from another person’s phone. If you are attempting to remote-control an Android tablet, you are able to remotely install the AndroidLost Jumpstart application to expedite the unit registration process.

Within our testing, the application remotely placed on two different Android mobile phones but required a remarkably very long time to validate the phones with Google. However, delivering “androidlost register” SMS messages to both phones forced a effective registration within minutes. When the application effectively certifies your device registration with Google, you’ll have the ability to connect to the Controls page for the missing device around the AndroidLost website, where one can remotely locate or lock lower your lost smartphone.
Visit Plan B From Lookout

Lookout provides a full-featured security application for Android products which has anti-virus protection, data backup, and antitheft and remote-location features, but taking full benefit of Lookout requires you to definitely install and hang it on your device before you decide to lose it. However, Plan B may be the company’s great application that you could install after you have lost your phone. It does not offer remote siren or securing features like AndroidLost, but Plan B provides an believed location with an up-to-date Google Map to help you find your missing device. To obtain began, you simply need use of a pc (or even another smartphone or tablet) to obtain on the internet and look at your email.

First, go to the Plan B Android Market page and click on Install then register with similar Google account you utilize in your missing device. Within a few moments, the program B application ought to be remotely pressed and installed for your device. If Gps navigation location services are switched off inside your Android device configurations, Plan B will attempt to instantly enable it. In the event that does not work, the application uses cell towers use a rough estimate of where your missing system is situated.

How To Discover Your Android PhoneThe Plan B application will email you frequently with maps and placement data for the missing Android device.

Inside a couple of minutes of setting up Plan B, the application will instantly open and begin delivering emails towards the GMail account you registered in your device. It required about two minutes within our tests before Plan B started contacting maps of where our device was, and Plan B continues to transmit emails with up-to-date details about your device’s location before you disable it. Messages will arrive in the Plan B application as frequently as every 2 minutes using the current location of the device, including Gps navigation coordinates, precision in meters, along with a Google Map showing the believed location.

If Plan B does not instantly start or else you want more location updates following the first ten minutes, you are able to send an SMS message using the word &ldquolocate&rdquo for your device from another person’s phone, and Plan B will instantly help make your device reply via text using its current location info.

This really is a terrific way to track your phone should you lose use of your GMail account–and hopefully this informative guide guarantees that you will never need to bother about losing an Android device again.

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