How to remove pre-installed android apps on samsung vibrant


How you can Remove Undesirable Android Applications in Samsung
By Mandy Slake, eHow Contributor , last up-to-date April 17, 2012

Samsung manufactures a number of different Android products, however the approach to getting rid of programs is similar in most of these. Removing programs belongs to the Android operating-system, so most Android phones make use of the same steps. Removing undesirable applications releases space inside your phone’s memory. You are able to un-install any third-party application you’ve installed on the telephone. Samsung does not permit you to un-install programs which come pre-placed on the unit.



Press the “Menu” button around the primary screen of the Samsung phone.

Touch “Configurations” and “Programs.”

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Touch “Manage programs” and look for the application you need to remove.

Tap the applying and touch “Un-install.”

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