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How you can Reinstate Your Address Book After Facebook Screwed Up

Lately, Facebook transformed everyone’s email for an address. Even when you fixed the issue, you might find that Facebook transformed all the contacts inside your phone, too. Here’s how you can repair it.

Most of us sync our Facebook accounts with this address books on our mobile phones, therefore we also have up-to-date telephone numbers, emails, and photographs its our buddies. However, with Facebook altering everyone’s email to a week ago, blogger Rachel Luxemburg (and lots of others) discovered that individuals changes were synced lower for their phone&mdashmeaning they haven’t any of the friends’ actual emails any longer. Only the ones.

No one at Lifehacker have observed this issue, but we all do possess a couple of ideas concerning how to repair it. Actually, this can fix any similar problem you’ve where your contacts get screwed up. Here’s what you ought to do.
The First Step: Reinstate Your Contacts to some Previous Condition

Some services&mdashparticularly Google&mdashregularly support your contacts so if something wrong happens, you are able to restore them. And, since almost all Android customers sync their contacts with Google&mdashas along with many apple iphone customers&mdashthis is a great way to fix the contacts on your phone. To do this, just follow these instructions:

Before you decide to do other things, see your phone and switch off Facebook syncing for the contact list. On Android, this is incorporated in the Facebook application under Configurations > Sync Contacts. Just place it to “Don’t Sync”. On the apple iphone, visit the Facebook application, click on the menu button, scroll lower to “Buddies”, then hit the proportion button within the upper right-hands corner. Tap “Sync Contacts” and switch syncing off. Observe that depending on your platform, you might have a “Remove Facebook Data” button on the contact syncing screen&mdashtapping this can also switch off syncing.
See your Gmail mailbox, and click on on the “Gmail” label underneath the Google logo design. Visit Contacts. Remember, this trick only works should you be syncing your phone together with your Google contacts.
Click on the “More” button and visit “Restore Contacts”. We do not know precisely once the Facebook change happened, but you’ll most likely wish to place it to revive your contacts from the previous day June 22, 2012, so place it to whatever you have to return that far.
Click on the Restore button. If this finishes, you need to hopefully discover that all your contacts’ correct emails happen to be restored! As lengthy while you don’t sync with Facebook again, they ought to stay this way.

If you do not sync your contacts with Google, determine in case your desktop address book has any options. For instance, if you are on a Mac and also you support it as time passes Machine, you can easily open Address Book, invoke Time Machine in the menu bar, then restore it to some date prior to the Facebook ridiculousness happened. When you re-sync your apple iphone, you ought to be all set. Look at your address book app’s documentation for more information on whether we have an automatic backup feature.
Second Step: Help remind Your Buddies to alter Their Facebook Profile

If you cannot reinstate your address book&mdashor should you still wish to have the ability to sync your Facebook&mdashthe only factor you should do is get all of your buddies to alter their Facebook profile to the actual way it was. This way, Facebook will sync their correct current email address to your phone. We have proven you the way to get this done before, if you haven’t already, get the word out to any or all your buddies and family so that they don’t encounter problems later on.

We could not test these instructions ourselves, because no one have observed the problem, but this will help get the contacts to how they were (or at best closer). If you’ved this problem, tell us how these instructions meet your needs within the comments below.

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