How to track your android phone when its off


Plan B Finds Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone, Even When You Did not Do The Installation In advance

Android: Should you ever lose your phone and posess zero contingency plan in position, you are able to remotely install Plan B on your phone and look for it instantly.

We have featured a couple of methods to find your lost or stolen phone, however they all require that you simply setup the machine in advance. Plan B, however, allows you remotely do the installation while using Android Market Web interface and immediately transmits the phone’s coordinates after it will. You don’t have to configure it, create a merchant account, or do other things&mdash-its location will only be there in your Gmail. It’ll track your phone for ten minutes, contacting you updates whether it moves, and then just text the term “Locate” to your phone to trace it again. For many phones, it may even switch on Gps navigation whether it’s switched off (though it’ll need a web connection if you are setting up the application remotely).

It does not have the data wiping or any other mobile security that something similar to Prey would, but when you won’t ever installed a burglar application to start with, it is a good second strategy to find your phone. Plan B is really a download free for Android 2. or more.

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