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HP TouchPad microphone now works together with CyanogenMod 9

The HP TouchPad might have shipped using the webOS operating-system, but individuals have been setting up custom versions of Google Android around the 9.7 inch tablet for several weeks. Running Android around the HP TouchPad enables you to definitely install 100s of 1000′s of applications that are not readily available for webOS, and Google’s operating-system generally feels more responsive compared to default operating-system on HP’s hardware.

Regrettably there has been a couple of hardware compatibility difficulties with the most recent develops of Android 4. for that Touchpad. Up to lately you could not make use of the microphone or camera while running Android 4..

As the camera continues to be non-functional, developer jcsullins is focusing on a sound patch that enables you to employ the HP TouchPad when running the most recent nightly develops of CyanogenMod 9 for that tablet.

HP TouchPad with Skype (mic fix)

You are able to download the most recent audiolibs files in the jscullins cmtouchpad testing area at goo.im and employ ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP to expensive the update in your TouchPad.

Update: The patch continues to be integrated into the most recent nightlies, which means you no more have to do the installation individually.

In the event that sounds complicated, you can examine out our guide for setting up CyanogenMod 9 (Android 4.) around the HP TouchPad and scroll lower to step 11 for tips about setting up additional packages.

If you are already running CyanogenMod 9 in your TouchPad, the easiest method to install the mic fix (or update towards the latest nightly) is by using GooManager. It is a free application that allows you put in the TWRP custom recovery and discover and install ROMs along with other patches suitable for your Android device.

To make use of GooManager to download audiolibs, pick the &ldquoBrowse all files,&rdquo visit the &ldquodevs&rdquo folder, scroll lower before you find &ldquojcsullins,&rdquo and visit the /cmoutouchpad/testing folder and choose and download the newest audiolibs file.

Once that’s done, you should use the &ldquoFlash ROMs &rdquo choice to choose the files you need to install and wait while your device reboots and is applicable the update.

Observe that additionally, there are a mature file known as &ldquomictest,&rdquo but you don’t have to make use of this &mdash the more recent audiolibs files range from the patch.

Actually, if you are the individual type, eventually you might not have to install these patches. At this time the audiolibs package is really a work happening. Once it’s finished, it’ll most likely be integrated into the primary brainch of CyanogenMod 9 for that HP TouchPad.

For the time being, I’m able to make sure the microphone works together with Skype for Android. It might not use every Android application though.

There is no word on if or when we’ll visit a camera treatment for CyanogenMod 9 around the HP TouchPad &mdash HP has not launched camera motorists for Android 4., and reverse engineering them would take lots of work.

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