Humble eBook Bundle lets you name your price


While the first thing that usually comes to mind when talking about Humble Bundle is indie video games, the latest promotion targets literature consumers rather than gamers. The Humble eBook Bundle lets you name your price for eight bestselling “books with an e”, and, as usual, you can get a good deal while also helping people less fortunate.

The book selection is more than generous, so you can get eight titles you would normally pay over $50 for at just a tad north of 12 bucks. Or you can go the even humbler way of paying as little as a penny and get six uber-cool science-fiction novels.

There’s no reason to get stingy however, especially because the stars of the promotion are by far the two books offered to those of you who beat the average (currently at $12.14, but going up). These are Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s 1992 graphic novel Signal to Noise and John Scalzi’s 2005 Old Man’s War. The latter has been growing in popularity immensely lately, being nominated for the Hugo Award in 2006 and optioned by Paramount Pictures in 2011 to be turned into a Hollywood movie.

As for the other six titles that can be yours, these are not to be ignored either. Pirate Cinema, for example, is the most recent book by John W. Campbell Award winner Cory Doctorow, while Pump Six and Other Stories is a collection of sci-fi short stories by highly acclaimed Paolo Bacigalupi, winner of the Hugo and Nebula Award in 2010.The last four titles on the list are Stranger Things Happen and Magic for Beginners by three time Nebula Award winner Kelly Link, Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City and Invasion by Mercedes Lackey.

Now let’s talk Humble Bundle numbers. First off, you should know that you have 13 more days to get in on the promotion, but the longer you wait, the higher the average will become (in less than 24 hours, it got from $10 to over $12).

There are around 30,000 bundles purchased at the time of this writing, with total payments surpassing $362,000. The top contributor is @wrapbootstrap, who has paid for his copy of the Humble eBook Bundle a whopping 1,000 bucks.

As usual, you can choose exactly where your money goes to, with each purchase being divided between the books’ authors, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the Humble Bundle team depending on your desires. Of course, if you only choose to pay a penny, you won’t be able to split that very nicely between all these great causes, so we ask you again – don’t be stingy!

So, how about it guys? How much is the bundle worth for you? Is there any title on that eight book list that you’re particularly excited about?Adrian has an insatiable passion for writing ever since he was in school and found himself writing philosophical essays about the meaning of life and the differences between light and dark beer. Later, he found out that this is pretty much his only marketable skill, so he first created a personal blog and then discovered his true calling, which is writing about technology and gadgets in general and Android in particular.I paid just above the average to get the bonuses (as I always do). I didn’t ponder much about it, so I don’t really know what all the books are about ;) But this is a bundle that works for Android, and I’m tired of waiting for Humble Bundle for Android 4 :P I started reading Pirate Cinema, and it seems promising. I would also like to point out that with some help from Google, I stumbled upon this, to me previously unknown, similar eBook bundle. It’s worth checking out if you enjoy crime stories, which is the theme of the current bundle

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