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How to Import eBooks From Computer to SD Card to Kobo Reader

Hello everyone! I recently searched the forums for a solution to my problem, but to no avail. I had seen that you could get the Kindle reader from Amazon on an Android phone and was very excited! I found out that you could also download many free books online to use with your Kindle! But I was dismayed when synchronization between my Kindle Reader for Mac and Kindle for Android didn’t occur…leaving my Android Kindle Reader rather useless. Then I found Kobo! Kobo is Border’s eReader, and so far I much prefer it. It has similar features to Kindle, but it shows you your books on a bookshelf-like UI, with a little green bookmark logo showing you which books you’re already reading. I especially prefer Kobo because I couldn’t figure out how to get books from my SD card into Kindle, but with Kobo, it’s extremely easy!

So anyway, here’s how you do it…

Step 1:
Download an eBook in the ePub format. Kindle’s format, .azw, doesn’t work with Kobo as far as I can tell. If you already have books in the .azw format, it’s not big deal! Download a program called Stanza(for Mac and Windows) and open the .azw book with Stanza. Then go to File>Export As>ePub, and you’re set.
Stanza for Mac
Stanza for Windows

Step 2:
Connect your Droid to your computer in Mass Storage Mode, or whatever mode allows you to explore your SD card.

Step 3:
After you’ve opened your SD card, find the folder titled “Kobo,” and open the directory “epub.” Simply drag all your .epub files into this folder, and you can eject your SD.

Step 4: (On Droid)
Open your Kobo reader app and open the menu. There will be an option titled Import Content.” Press it! A dialogue will come up telling you what Kobo is doing, so just click Start. Then you’ll see all the epub books you just put on your SD card, with a check next to it. Check all the items you wish to import, press “Import Selected,” and *BAM* …you’ve just put books on your Android

I use Many for my eBooks, mainly because it allows you to download the books in different formats, scan the QR code, download the books straight to your phone(so you can skip the computer step), AND it categorizes the books by genre…but you can use whatever you’d like to get your eBook

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