Install android on raspberry pi


Android 4. is originating!

Update: individuals individuals searching to experience with Android on Pi prior to our source code release may want to look into the community Razdroid project, which recently created its first non-faster port of Gingerbread on the surface of the openly launched VideoCore binary.

Naren has worked on a port of Android 4. (Frozen Treats Sandwich) to Raspberry Pi, and as you can tell in the screenshots and video below, he’s been making great progress. Hardware-faster graphics and video happen to be ready to go easily for a while AudioFlinger support may be the only major missing piece right now.

This implementation utilizes a different kernel and VideoCore binary image in the one available on GitHub, and that’s why we have been keeping quiet about this to date. We are looking into the feasibility of converging the 2 code lines to make a single common platform the moment we are able to, after which hopefully to produce the sources that you should have fun with.

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