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Google may be the Nirvana on most brainiacs. They have provided us with things we’re able to only imagine free of charge. They have demonstrated us on multiple occasions that they are not only ‘the internet search engine guys’.

Certainly one of individuals occasions was very lately. Using its own mobile operating-system, Google continues to be challenging Windows Mobile (not a challenge) and also the apple iphone.

If you have an HTC Windows Mobile phone, you will possibly not need to buy yourself another device to savor the hype. But install Android in your Windows Mobile device rather. Nonetheless, porting this operating-system has shown a tiresome task, and never all phone types support it yet. More recent GSM products have a better chance, and up to now CDMA is scarcely supported.

At this time it’s not possible as well Google Android because the default operation system. Rather we’ll be utilising HaRET, a Windows Mobile boot loader. Observe that we are not running or emulating Android in Windows Mobile, but utilizing it to reboot the telephone into Android.
1. Gathering Files

Different phone types require different base Google Android files. For supported phones, the files is going to be scattered over different sites and developer areas. I’ll supply links for probably the most popular HTC phones.

HTC Gemstone
HTC Style/Kaiser/Polaris/Nike
HTC Raphael/Fuze/Touch Professional

Again, if you do not call at your phone listed, don’t quit. Perform a Google search with your personal model – since it is a person-produced wiki, some major developments aren’t on the site yet. When sounding-site, always make sure your sources, ensuring you are not installing any malicious content.
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Download the Google Android files for the phone type.

The most recent Android bundle/files for the phone type
HaRET (executables)

Most sites will give file bundles, others will put a listing of files online. If necessary, download all individuals files, we’ll be suggesting which to make use of within the next step.
2. Installation

If you are already managing a custom ROM, you might like to format your phone. Conflicts can happen when double-modding, and you are most likely likely to be using Google Android anyway.

First, let us place the files in position. Connect via USB and navigate for your phone’s root (this is actually the mother-folder, the greatest directory level). After unzipping your Google Android release, transfer the files you’ve just downloaded. Putting them in almost any other directory will not work. You ought to have something similar to this:

It’ll assistance to shorten filenames. Some possess a date or programmer suffix that may be erased.

Next, configure your default.txt. Open the file in Notepad and make certain all of the values are right. How are you aware? Take a look at a listing of Boot Options here. You will need to alter phone model, screen resolution, access to the internet and so on. This can go ahead and take most time, but when you be on the lookout, it is not a tough job.

how you can install android on windows mobile

Finally, disconnect your phone and employ your Windows Mobile file manager to discover HaRET.exe (it ought to be inside your phone’s root). You might like to combine it with your programs cutting corners. Open HaRET and press Run.


HaRET will reboot your phone using the Android files. Possibly within the (near) future, we may have the ability to install Google Android because the standard operating-system. But despite the fact that progress is easy, it moves at its very own pace.

Have you such as the tutorial? Tell us within the comments should you experience any problems. Or even better, direct that in the your phone type’s site. They’ll have the ability to assist you with the truly technical business.

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