Ipad 2 flash memory upgrade


As an Apple fanatic, I ordered the iPad2 from Apple yesterday morning and sitting here imagining what it would be like to play with. As I read the various reviews from the zillion web sites who cover it I came across one on 9to5mac that spoke about a teardown of an ipad2 on ifixit..At first I wondered, why would you ever tear one of these apart?
However, thank you ifixit for doing it because it’s nice to know the component breakdown from an independent source vs. Apple. In the breakdown they mentioned the following components:

Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 16GB NAND Flash (THAT’S IT)
Question? Can I UPGRADE the Toshiba 16GB Flash memory chip to say a 64GB?Answer: Not sure, this is the participation part as I would like to hear from the experts out there who know. Seems that iPads (non 3G models) are essentially the same device but with upgrades to the flash memory. It also seems that it would be possible to interchange these flash chips, right?Ok – so let’s assume it’s possible to change the iPad flash memory. Does Apple lock up the full supply chain of these from Toshiba or is it used in other devices? I did a search for the part on Avnet and noticed that stock or ordering was not going to be easy.Since I posted the question I have not heard of anyone changing it out or whether it’s possible. Update in from http://www.ifixit.com/ – Not Possible! The NAND flash is soldered to the main board, and it does not have an interface that’s compatible with an SSD (or space inside for a drive).
It is hypothetically possible to replace the flash chips with larger capacity chips, but that would require a sophisticated surface mount de/soldering setup. In English: a semiconductor company could do it, but probably not an individual.Hi all – I have question regarding the use of USB flash memory cards and an iPad. I’ve seen various videos online that show you can use a USB flash memory card to open and import pictures onto the iPad (without jailbreaking…).

My question is, have any of you been able to save files onto the USB flash memory card FROM the iPad? I’m not concerned about jailbreaking if that’s what needs to be done to do so. Thank you. This was the simplest solution for importing pictures using flash thumb drive. Great work. You should have this solution marked by the moderators. It probably won’t help anyone that wants to view any file type but it is way better for pictures if you don’t want to connect to a PC or your camera. If you want pix from someone now all I need is the connector and my flash thumb drive.

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