Ipad advanced development methods


Good iPhone training can be tough to come by, and it seems like there are now hundreds of course available. Unfortunately many of the local courses are just taught by the book so there is little to no advanced instruction.So here is some good news for those looking for some professional, advanced instruction.A free advanced iPhone development course has been released on iTunes featuring Dr. Brad Larson of Sunset Lake Software, creator of the popular open source iPhone app Molecules. The course features 14 sessions (over 35 hours!), and comes complete with notes.Topics covered include iPad specific programming, threading, Core Animation, Quartz 2d and OpenGL ES.iPhone/iPad Application DevelopmentAs more consumers embrace mobile device technologies the demand for smartphones is expected to soar. It is therefore no surprise that more and more mobile phone vendors are getting ready to compete with feature-rich smartphones to capture a share of this lucrative market. The soaring demand for smartphones is leading to an explosive need for mobile phone applications to expand the basic functionality of these devices which, when they are downloaded and installed, also creates a huge inventory of potential mobile phone ad space that can be monetized by advertisers through mobile ad networks.

iPhone/iPad Application Development Services

To help businesses and organizations develop and leverage mobile business applications, mobile entertainment, social games and cease the revenue and brand visibility opportunities that the mobile smartphone platforms can provide, Advanced Media Productions offers mobile and web-based application development services for the Apple iOS platform. Our strong skills and extensive experience in interaction design, Web usability, C and C++ native-code languages, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, Ajax and the native Apple SDK, positions us as a unique partner for development and delivery of scalable and robust applications for the iOS platform.
We can provide customers with a wide range of services for the development of native iPhone/iPad applications, ranging from a few days of upfront consulting to strategy development, functional requirements gathering, specification writing and development, to final testing and deployment. Our expert development teams help clients make the most of mobile phone software on the iOS platform.

Mobile Development Strategy
Due to the rapidly changing mobile smartphone technology making the right platform and implementation decisions can be challenging. Which platform is best suited for the customers’ application and technical requirements? How to design the screen layout and navigation to ensure the highest usability? Do we implement the application as a native app or web app? What are the tradeoffs between cost, functionality and cool features?
Our application development process begins with gathering the customers’ goals and business objectives and strategy development to ensure the longterm success of the application from concept evaluation to development and maintenance. Our development team has the experiencence to identify and exploit the opportunities that add value to the mobile application and the business.

iPhone Application Development Process
Advanced Media Productions provides a complete and integrated process for the development of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad native applications using the iPhone SDK. Our development method for the iPhone/iPad covers the entire process from design and development to the information architecture and deployment of the application in the Apple AppStore.
Development starts with writing or analyzing the functional requirements, defining the screen layout, user interface design and creating the design comps of the finished product. This provides us with the foundation for further development of an iPhone/iPad application that works and is easy to maintain and promote. All mobile application development projects will be developed according to the Apple iOS development guidelines and are executed to a precise schedule of milestones and deliverables.
Not only has Advanced Media Productions extensive experience with mobile application testing and deployment, our proven development team also has significant expertise in the areas of user experience design and usability testing.
iPhone Development Platform
The Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are mobile smartphone device developed by Apple Computer that run on an Apple proprietary operating system called iOS. Mobile applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are developed using Apple’s SDK.
Once developed, an iPhone/iPad application is deployed through Apple Computer, which manages all iPhone/iPad applications through its App Store located within Apple’s iTunes platform. Before an application is placed on the App Store, Apple must review and approve the application.
Our iPhone/iPad application development services include the following:

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