Ipad numbers review 2012


Apple’s Numbers is the spreadsheet component of their iWork productivity suite of software, and a companion app to Pages for word processing and Keynote for presentations. Universal apps that work on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, all three have proven to be popular choices for document management on the go and have just recently been updated to support for iOS 5.1 and the new iPad’s Retina display.If you’re a new iPad or iPhone owner and need a way to create and edit spreadsheets on the go, Numbers is Apple’s iCloud integrated solution. The question is, how easy is it to use and how much can you really do with it?Apple’s Numbers isn’t Microsoft’s Excel. That’s the first and most important thing to remember. Apple’s goal wasn’t to copy Excel, Lotus, or Visicalc, but to come up with a spreadsheet program that was easy to use and could produce great looking documents fairly quickly.That said, if you’ve used Excel in the past, you should feel pretty comfortable with Numbers as well.To add content to a spreadsheet in Numbers — whether it be text, a table, an image, or something else, you simply tap on the Add button (looks like a + sign) in the top right corner.Once you add an object, you can move on to editing and formatting it.

Numbers also makes it easy to format content with the formatting brush. It’s represented by a paintbrush icon in the upper right hand corner. In order to use it, you’ll need to highlight something you’d like to format. From there it will smartly choose options based on what kind of content you’d like to edit..For example, if you select a table full of data, it will give you the option to turn that data into charts or graphs quickly and easily. If you’re selecting a block of text, it’ll give you options for format that text as a header, change the font, place borders around it, and many more options.
If you’ve used past versions of iWork on your iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed that the formatting icon and menu have changed a bit in the updated version.Numbers gives you a few ways that you can share your content directly from your iPhone or iPad. You can share your work via e-mail, send it to iTunes (where you can open it via the desktop Numbers app for Mac), and print it.Currently Numbers still gives users the option to share it to iWork.com or iDisk as well. Given iDisk and iWork.com will be discontinued this summer, I’m not quite sure why Apple is still allowing them as options. I’d advise new users to stay away from them and just enable iCloud from the beginning to avoid having to transfer documents over before Apple turns off these services.iWork Suite by Apple comprises of the astonishing Keynote, Pages and Numbers app. We have shared detailed reviews of Keynote app and the Pages app but Numbers app was left. So, today we have decided to bring this I Work Suite journey to an end. Numbers for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch lets you design spreadsheets and plan, organize, or analyze just about anything. In this post we will explore Numbers app for iPhone, iPad and iPod.Numbers app enables you to create beautiful spreadsheets with everything ready in it. It has built in tables,You can make beautifully designed full featured spreadsheets just with a few taps. Choose from the Apple well designed templates for your home, work or school tasks. Numbers app has set everything for you. You need to add your data, graphics, photos and text to make it work. Smart Zoom feature lets you edit easily by zooming in and out when you are editing and done. Don’t forget to check the Print Preview that will show you how your spreadsheet will look like when printed. Scale it to single pages, multiple pages or use the auto-fit to scale it automatically. You can also view page boundaries and add page numbers. Continue reading to find out more options waiting for you in the Numbers app.In any subject that involves numbers, tables are a must. Tables help us represent information in a compact and organized manner. Sometimes, you need them to show the relationships between two quantities and at other times you are presenting your work schedule and some minor details through tables. Numbers app has taken this into consideration and therefore, facilitates you with pre-built tables. You can choose the one that is more suitable for your purpose and customize it. Insert or delete columns, rows or cells with a tap of your finger. Add header rows to entitle each column and footer rows to find totals or averages, as you have done in Ms Excel spreadsheets. Double tap to edit a cell and it will let you enter data and create formulas.

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