Ipad ram memory upgrade


Treat your desktop PC or laptop to a system overhaul and enjoy increased performance with the range of desktop memory and laptop memory available at PC World. If you’re running an older computer, check out our basic 512MB SDRAM desktop memory or SDRAM laptop memory which provides a more efficient, responsive overall computing experience.

Our 512MB and 1GB DDR memory options will further enhance your system, and are backward-compatible for memory upgrades of both old and new computers. Multitasking is a breeze with DDR memory, and you can expect quicker playback of your multimedia. To truly make the most of your computer’s programs and applications, check out the DDR2 memory upgrade options. From 1GB memory to 4GB memory, running at speeds of up to 8500MHz, you’ll benefit from lightening fast start-up, rapid transfer rates and a slick, seamless performance however demanding the task in hand.This is Apple’s business strategy to make the product obsolete as soon as the next version is released…Apple was never like this in the past, they encouraged upgrading their computers, not selling people flashy products that are garbage within a couple of years…computers are useful because they can ‘multi-task’ and the higher the RAM, means more tasks can be handled at once….FFS this ipad has only 256mb RAM, which is lower than my 2002 iMac G3, which runs MacOS-10.4.11, even though it’s nearly 9 years old!!!! All because it came with space for RAM upgrade.
My point is that these iPad’s are disposible since the RAM isn’t upgradable, thanks to RAM upgrades my ancient iMac-G3(cpu=500mhz & 750mb RAM) is still useful after all these years.I’m pretty sure it won’t have 4gb, the most it can have is 2gb considering we’re not talking about a major OS like Leopard, Snow or W7.. we’re talking about a pad with a small OS. I think 1gb of RAM is more than enough for the new iPad considering that the iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 3GS have 256mb and a 600MHz of processor.
Source(s):I would assume about 1 GB or maybe a hair less. One of the big things the iPad will be used for is gaming-that might end up being it’s biggest draw. Apple might think the same and that being said, games need lots of RAM. Also, there will be some serious apps designed specifically for the iPad that may require lots of RAM. More or less, the more RAM they put in it, the more it can do. Don’t be surprised if you find out it’s got 2 GB of DDR3 (or faster)the first answerer.. yo einstein, he probably did but wikipedia hasnt released that much info yet…..
my guess is that it has less than one gig of ram… it uses the iphone OS but with a higher resolution.. being that the iphone has like 256 megs of ram id say the iPad has double the ammount.. maybe even one gig, but i doubt it.. from what i know apple is really skimpy when it comes to ram, just look at the macbook. It includes 2 gigs of ram, which would be ridiculous even for a low end pc nowadays

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