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AKB0048 Anime Music Game Visiting apple iphone And Android In November

AKB0048 Anime Music Game Visiting apple iphone And Android In November

Satelight, the animation studio behind the Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP opening movie and also the E.X. Military marketing anime, made an anime series in line with the popular idol group AKB48. The series happens these days where humans evacuated a war torn Earn and also the AKB48 idols were raised from the dead to create AKB0048 to sing pop tunes through the universe. That is what AKB0048 ARcarddass is dependant on.

Because the title indicates, you will find cards to gather – tangible cards you can purchase in packs. Cards unlock costumes, lightning effects (spotlight, cocktail light), places to do at, and camerawork (different angles and zoom effects). You will find 51 cards to gather within the first series, which you’ll scan having a smartphone.

AKB0048 ARcarddass is really a music game that has gamers tap to various AKB48 tunes. Gamers can make their dream idol show by selecting three AKB0048 people and having fun with camera and lightning options quickly. Shows could be shared online.

AKB0048 ARcarddass is slated for release at first of November for apple iphone 4 (or greater), iPad, ipod device Touch (fourth Generation), and Android products.

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