Kajeet android phone

The Samsung Replenish is solely outfitted with Kajeet Wise BlockerTM technology that enables you to determine which kinds of websites could be utilized and that ought to be blocked. Kajeet may be the only wireless company to provide this kind of innovative tool, which makes it feasible for parents to both provide their children with effective Android mobile phones and &mdash simultaneously &mdash limit the kinds of websites they could access. It provides a touchscreen with crisp 2.8″ color display along with a full Texting for simple texting. Additionally, it features a 2. Mega pixel camera and video video camera, built-in Music player, speakerphone, and bluetooth abilities. Acquire one touch use of Android Market with the Android Operating-system v2.2.

Easy Parental Controls
Kajeet parental controls are totally flexible. Manage whether your child may use certain features like picture texting, downloads for ring tones, wallpaper, and games, and mobile web by selecting which websites your child can access. Decide who are able to talk or text together with your kid by listing contacts to permit or otherwise allow and see who will pay for the phone callOrtextual content in case your kid’s monthly plan balance has go out. Limit whenever your kid may use the phone through scheduled time blocks for several occasions/days (for example throughout class or bed time) and make exceptions for special occasions or holidays. With WalletManager provide your kid a financial budget while using Kid Wallet which provides coverage for anything not a part of your children’s plan (like more talk, text, picture messages, ring tones and games). Parents Wallet guarantees you usually keep in touch by covering calls/texts to or of your stuff (just in case your children’s plan expires).
No Contracts. No Activation Costs. No Early Termination Fee.
Kajeet knows how it is enjoy having kids. About a minute they need one factor, the following they need the alternative. This is exactly why they do not need a contract. Purchase it, utilize it, and when you need to cancel it, achieve this anytime, with no penalties.
Gps navigation Phone Locator
Small children parents too. A primary reason you receive your child a phone is perfect for security. With this particular added feature, you are able to instantly find your children’s phone whenever. You may also setup scheduled finds to sign in regularly. Setup landmarks (like “home” or “school”) to tie for your finds.
Kajeet Prepaid Service
The Kajeet pre-compensated service provides a complete selection of easy to customize voice, text, and knowledge services which allow kids to remain associated with family and buddies. While kids will like the phones provided by Kajeet, parents will like the cost from the Kajeet pre-compensated service plans without any lengthy-term contracts, no activation or termination costs, with no roaming or extra lengthy distance costs.
The exclusive Kajeet Configurator offers easy-to-use tools for kids and parents, with your budget and usage management features like WalletManager, TimeManager, ContactManager and FeatureManager which allow kids, tweens, teens as well as their families to tailor the plan to meet their specific needs. Wireless network coverage for Kajeet is supplied by Sprint on its CDMA-based Countrywide Sprint Computers Network (browse the countrywide coverage map).
Kajeet’s Gps navigation Phone Locator service helps both kids and parents discover the kajeet phone. It uses satellite technology to assist find your son or daughter’s phone and provides signing up families easy-to-use specifics of the place of the kajeet phone via Web-based maps. Parents can schedule automatic location inspections at specific occasions during the day, so that they know where their kid’s kajeet phone is at any time-if the phone is within their child’s backpack around the chartered bus or perhaps in their sports bag at soccer practice. Kids may also make use of the plan to help find their phone. $4.99/month $14.99/month $19.99/month $24.99/month $50.00/month Award-Winning Parental Controls Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Texts $.10 per text Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Picture Messages* $.25 per message $.25 per message Limitless Limitless Limitless Gps navigation Phone Locator $.99 per

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