Kick the boss android diamond hack


Get Free Coins and cash Cheats in Kick the Boss on apple iphone Android

Walkthrough of methods to earn limitless free coins and hearts in kick the boss game androida. click home button twiceb. click setting on phone devicec. departamentos amoblados en alquiler capital federal . visit generald. click date and timee. click setting date and timef. attempt to change eventually ahead to obtain more coinsg. Then just return to the game to earn lots of coins and warms.h. Just throw him against the wall to earn one coinj. Attempt to kill him to earn a lot of bonus coinsTips methods to obtain more diamonds in kick the boss game androida. Killing the boss many occasions b. kill him 20 occasions to obtain 50 diamonds.Ways to get limitless access of the bonus everydaya. visit setting>general>date and time on phone deviceb. change present day date to the day ahead Example: Today-May 16th Change-May 17thc. return into the game d. you now will earn daily bonus within vary from 600-1000 dollarse. Keep doing that action to obtain lots of money bonus dailyStrategy of methods to defeat boss in kick the boss game ipod device toucha. Just buy four kinds of weapons for example office supplies online, stabbing weapons, shooting/bombing weapons, or kitchen supply weapons. b. Attempt to buy more costly weapons to earn more coins each time attacking the boss.c. Always gain levels your weapon to more stars by doing following steps 1. Open the weapons store 2. Visit the lower right menu3. Tap the blue up arrow4. Tap a cost showing up alongside the weapons you have 5. Pay the gold coin cost to be able to get the weapon upgraded. 6. With your upgraded weapons you’ll earn more coins per hit.

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