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Kik Messenger

29 million customers love Kik! It is the fast, simple, and private smartphone messenger that connects you to definitely everybody you want to speak with.

Here’s why you’ll love Kik:

FAST: Kik is hands&shydown the quickest, most dependable smartphone messenger available. With sent, shipped, read and typing notices, your conversations can come to existence.

SIMPLE: We feel that simplicity may be the epitome of sophistication. We have spent 1000′s of hrs ensuring Kik may be the simplest, most breathtaking smartphone messenger around.

PERSONAL: Your Kik username &shy not your telephone number &shy is the Kik identity, so that you can keep complete charge of your privacy. No surprise Kik is the main way people connect in other social applications like Instagram, SocialCam, and Viddy.

And you can perform much more on Kik, with 3 additional features that allow you to instantly find and share fun videos, sketches and photographs.

This is what out customers need to say:

“Amazing app! And thus, so quick.Inch Katie
“The easiest method to keep the private information private.” Phil, “Really simple to use.Inch Amber

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