Koine greek android app


For that wise phone customers available (non-apple iphone), Danny Zacharias’ helpful application ParseGreek has become on Android.

&Pi&alphars&epsilonGr&epsilon&epsilonk is made to help both beginning students and advanced students. Advanced students can quiz themselves by frequency along with other criteria. For beginning students, &Pi&alphars&epsilonGr&epsilon&epsilonk continues to be made to be suitable for present day top intro grammars:

- William Mounce, Fundamentals of Scriptural Greek (2009)
– N. Clayton Croy, Scriptural Greek Primer (1999)
– James Hewett, New Testament Greek (2009)
– David Alan Black, Learn how to Read New Testament Greek (2009)
– Gerald Stevens, New Testament Greek Primer (2010)
– Jeremy Duff, Aspects of New Testament Greek (2005)

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