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HaiPhone : The “Living in L.A L.A Land” Game

World’s First mobile app that brings interactivity to a TV series using Augmented Reality technology.
The app follows season 2 of the cult series “Living in L.A. L.A. Land”. Six Israeli singers fly to L.A. to try and break into the international music industry.
The series will broadcast from Nov 11, 2012 on Yes Comedy HD. On every episode, a frame will appear on the TV screen. The viewers will try to capture it using the device’s camera, answer a question about the episode, and win prizes.

How to Play ?
-Download the app.
-Start the app at the beginning of every episode.
-Wait for a mark on the TV screen.
-Press the series logo on the main screen to enter capture mode.
-Point the camera to the TV screen and wait for the frame to be captured.
-If you capture the frame, it will “fly” directly into your device’s screen, and a question about the episode will appear. Answer it quickly.
-Wait for the answer to appear in the episode.
-View the correct answer and what other players answered.
The quickest and most knowledgeable player will win be crowned as the champion of the season and will win a prize.

The app also includes information about the characters, video clips and more.

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