Latest android apps for samsung galaxy s2


Samsung Galaxy S2, boomed the market after its launch. Samsung was really very happy to launch one of its best android device once. But, the fruit taste behind this and almost all products of Samsung are its apps. You can download tons of apps for any Samsung device using its market.

I am going to tell you about the most commonly used and top 10 most used apps for Samsung Galaxy S2.

1. GasBuddy: This small apps provides you with the latest price of gasolene (petrol) and diesel. Moreover, it also provides you with the gas stations and their price difference accordingly.

2. DropBox: This app works as a cloud storage for your phone. If, in case you need to store lots of images in your phone then use this app, which will automatically sync all the required data between your PC and phone. But, ensure that you have an active internet connection before using this app.

3. Slice It!: This is a game, which is being downloaded in the market most frequently. The objective of the game is to slice each object into equal pieces, this may seem you that this is really simple piece of game, but as the level increases, also increases the joy of playing.

4. AVG Antivirus Free: This is a free antivirus app from AVG. It is capable of detecting and cleaning almost all the latest malwares and viruses.

5. Go SMS Pro: If you don’t want to use the default SMS app that comes with Samsung Galaxy S2, then you can use this app, which in turn gives you more control over the SMS feature in your device like backup, restore, data encryption, popup UI and much more to see when u install it.

6. ASTRO File Manager: Yet, another but powerful file manager for Android devices. The developer of this app has been ranked one of the top developers in Android market. This app has backup features and also protects your device system files efficiently for any untowards. If you have rooted your device, then this app can also be used as root explorer.

7. Angry Birds: One of the most popular game on the android market. This game is just like a shooting game in which the user has to shoot enemies with nice look and feel. There are many levels and you never see your wrist watch while playing this game.

8. Bubble Blast 2: This is also the post popular game for your device. The objective is to pop all the bubbles in least shot as possible. Its a strategic game, which comes with high quality graphics.

9. WiFi Analyzer: This small app tracks signals and channels of WiFis present in surrounding area. With advanced view, you can see the strength of the signals and the names of the networks too.

10. History Eraser: Last but not the least, this app erases web browsing history and call logs, so that unwanted and unexpected can’t see your details. It has the capability of freeing unwanted memory used by apps, thus speeding up your device’s overall performance.

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