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Everyone’s concerned about their health nowadays. That should be expected considering the sort of lives most people lead. However, it can be a pain to keep track of exactly what’s needed to stay healthy – calories consumed and burned, blood pressure, and all the other statistics also seem pretty intimidating. Add to that the fact that we all live lives that keep us on the go.Thankfully, there are quite a few apps that can help users maintain their trim and fit selves. Here are several of the best apps on the Android Market.Forget summer and swimsuit season; any time is a good time to get in shape. And for Android users, these apps will make that process a little faster, easier and more fun.Last year, we told you about a few good Android apps to get your lazy butt in gear. But given the rapid evolution of the Android Market, the Android OS and the capabilities and variety of Android hardware, we thought that list needed a little update.Here are some of the best Android apps for improving your health and fitness, both in terms of diet and exercise. Better still, some of them incorporate games and music to make your workout that much more fun.In the comments, let us know what Android apps you’re currently using to keep tabs on your health and physical fitness.

1. Nike BOOM

First of all, users need something to get themselves pumped up to exercise. That’s where Nike BOOM comes in. App users choose a workout and music choice and the app will deliver encouragement so that they can reach that final mile. The music and the workout records aren’t just the only feature though – premier athletes will be giving inspiration as they tell exercisers to push themselves to the limit. Facebook integration also manages to update friends about real-time progress, hoping for those “likes” to rev users up.

2. Backpacker GPS Trails
Running aimlessly won’t help nerds get back into shape – what they need is a plan. What better way to make that plan than via GPS? Backpacker GPS Trails helps organize that morning run. With this app, a smartphone becomes a GPS – which works independent of cell networks. Maps are easily reached and trails can be tracked. Users can even send out Facebook updates. More importantly, this app keeps a record of the trail runner’s performance, just in case they want to compare against their previous record.

3. Endomondo Sports Tracker
For those with a more urban bent, Endomondo Sports Tracker is a great app for use in cities. Runners, cyclists, and walkers will find that this app will be an excellent workout companion. First of all is the GPS function – which makes sure the user is never lost in whatever city they are. Next is the audio feedback; every mile has the app giving encouragement, while friends can record pep talks for the user. It’s also got distance, time, and calories burnt recorded. For those with a more competitive bent, they can try to beat their friends’ times or the current champion’s time – which is a great way to put some fire in some people’s bellies.

4. Calorie Counter

Now for the other part of the fitness equation: nutrition. Healthy eating makes sure that people don’t chow down more than they burn – which is a basic principle of losing weight. For that, smart phone owners should go for fatsecret’s Calorie Counter. This app has several features that will definitely help keep people’s weights down. First is the food diary, which schedules meals. This feature in combination with a diet calendar, which tracks calories consumed and burned, will help greatly in lowering calorie intake. For those who like eating out, there’s also some current nutritional info on popular restaurants and food chains, as well as a barcode scanner for those shopping at their grocery store.

5. BMI Calculator

A person’s Body Mass Index is their key to making sure they’re not overweight. It can be a bit complicated to total it all up, but with Woytek’s BMI Calculator, users should be able to determine their BMI. Note this app is for normal people and not super-athletes – if someone wants to know how he or she measures up to the average then this app is it. It handles both metric and imperial units, so with a simple option switch people don’t have to scramble for their conversion tables.

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