Lexibook joins the kiddie tablet war with the Junior and Master Tablets

We’re used to throwing big words around when talking about competition, battles and wars in the smartphone and tablet markets, but there comes a time when you remain speechless seeing just how many devices want that number-one spot in your hearts.

For kid-friendly tablets, that time is now, seeing as we just literally told you about the Ematic FunTab Pro’s launch only to immediately hear about two other similar gadgets released. And that’s weeks after seeing the Tabeo for the first time and a couple of months after the Nabi 2 and Archos Childpad’s releases. Crazy, right?

The two new kiddie tabs are called the Junior Tablet and Master Tablet and come from Lexibook, a French-based tech manufacturer that doesn’t say much to us. In such a suddenly competitive niche, the name of the company behind the slates might be of grand importance, although on the surface we can’t say these two look very different from the FunTab Pro, for example.

The Junior Tablet sports basically the same 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels resolution, being powered by a 1 GHz CPU that, like on the FunTab Pro, is very much wrapped in mystery.

There’s also Android 4.0 ICS out of the box with no access to Google Play, but with Lexibook support for “fast and secure download of the best content and apps”. There are many preinstalled apps on the device , although among the 25 games, the modest Pig Rush is the star. Three educational School Zone apps, one hour of cartoons and 200 ebooks are also included, meaning you won’t have much of the 4 GB of internal memory to go around.

Worry not though, because the 7-incher does come with microSD support, so an added 32 GB of storage is just one step away. The rest of the specs are standard and not very special, including Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, an 0.3 MP camera, micro USB 2.0, and a 4,000 mAh battery only capable of around six hours of autonomy between charges.

The Junior Tablet will go on sale soon for $149.99, which sounds a bit on the expensive side. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t look like a very poor gadget, but compared with the similarly priced FunTab Pro, it’s not as competitive (the lack of HDMI and the lower storage being just two of its downsides).

As for the Master Tablet, the other 7-incher unveiled by Lexibook, this is a pretty mysterious device, due to a glitch on the company’s website that sends us on a wild-goose chase when trying to find out its specs.

This looks like a tablet targeted towards more mature children, based simply on its design and name, although its only tech specs known right now are identical to the ones of the Junior Tablet (800 x 480 display, 4 GB of storage, Wi-Fi, microSD, Lexibook Market access). Hopefully, Lexibook won’t make the mistake of pricing the Master Tablet even higher than the Junior.

Anyone thinking of picking up either the Junior or the Master Tablet? Are we right to say that these don’t look like they could take on the competition?

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