Life is crime android walkthrough


Turn your health into criminal turf. Life is Crime is really a first-of-its-kind, location-based mobile RPG for Android.
Play where you reside. Construct your repetition. Dominate your Turf.
Pick-up and fall off packages. Fight legitimate Places.
The Life is Crime game world has been built out now.
Climb regional leaderboards and make your Criminal Repetition at Real Locations!
– Fight legitimate Locations
– Get and fall off packages
– Complete missions

Dominate real coffee houses and native restaurants to air-ports: Life is Crime transforms everyday places into contested criminal territory.
The greater active you’re, the greater your criminal status and also the more well known you feel where you reside. Commit Virtual crime at Real Places.
– Prepare! Fully Easy to customize avatar: 200+ equipable guns, gear, and products.
– Unlock Accomplishments! Earn 50 plus Accomplishments – Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
– Pick and Fall off Packages at real locations and profit together.
– Real Life Game Map: The overall game map develops and continues with time with player interaction – become legendary where you reside.
– Dominate your Turf! Leaderboards & PvP: Fight other gamers at real locations.
– Construct your Criminal Status: Become well known in your hometown or city – fight and dominate territory to maintain your Repetition high.
– Missions: Complete missions at any cafe, bank, service station, and much more. The &ldquoRob Bank&rdquo mission could be virtually completed at any bank, anywhere.
Have fun with Buddies:
– GameFeed allows gamers to talk about accomplishments, goals, and game play moments along with other gamers. Uncover new places and gamers.
– R2 Gaming Network. The R2 Network also features push notices and deep integration with internet sites for example: Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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