Mapsaurus-Discovering Android apps through idea maps


Being on Android surely has perks. One of which is the availability of a vast number of apps on the Google Play Store. If you are the type who loves trying out different types of apps, then downloading just one of each category won’t be enough.I, for one, have at least two apps that cater to the same function. You’ll never know if an app stops working and instead of being useful, it becomes a nuisance. I also enjoy games that are of the same category and I often end up scouring the whole Games category of the Google Play Store. Wouldn’t it be neat if an app could help us find other apps that are similar to what we already have installed on our devices? That “what if” has been answered by an app that does just that, Mapsaurus Beta.Mapsaurus Beta is not literally a map, but it does help you search for apps that have the same function or category as the apps you are already using on your device. If you are up for trying out other alternate apps, Mapsaurus will point you in their direction with just a few taps. By the time you launch Mapsaurus, an index of all the apps you have installed on your device will show up, making it easier for you to pick out the app you want Mapsaurus to work on.Aside from the index of apps, Mapsaurus also suggests apps through tapping one of the functionalities found under the index of your installed apps. This option will come in handy if you want to discover more apps that aren’t exactly similar to what you already have.

Mapsaurus has a very user-friendly user interface. The “mapping” ability this app has is quite remarkable to look at since it has 3D effects. One notable feature Mapsaurus has is its complete presentation of both the apps you have on your device and the apps that are similar to what you already have. Once you tap on an app, screenshots of the app from the Google Play Store are shown below. The same thing is true when you search for apps using the functionalities option.

Tapping once on an app will bring out the necessary details of the app, such as star ratings, number of people who left their review, and, of course, the app’s screenshots. Tapping twice on an app will branch out more apps similar to it, giving you more options. An install button is also readily available on the right side where it will lead you to the app’s Google Play Store page.You can also tweak some of the settings in Mapsaurus. Maturity level, number of installs, rating, and prices are custom-defined to filter the apps that Mapsaurus will be giving you. Maturity level can be set as low as Everyone and as high as Not Rated. You can opt to have Mapsaurus search for apps that have a certain star rating and you can also set it to show apps that are paid, free, or any of the two.Mapsaurus also has an official website where you can perform the same tasks as the app. Searching and installing are also available on the website. This is also another alternative for you to browse more apps if you don’t have your Android device at the moment. Just head on to and experience Mapsaurus on your desktop PC.

Never again will you get bored with the same old apps you have installed on your device, now that you have the means to discover other cool apps that are just waiting to be installed. Because of the number of app categories you can find on the Google Play Store, discovery seems endless. To make your Android experience the best there is, apps like Mapsaurus are made to closely cater to what you want. You find what you want, and what you might want with the use of this app dedicated to letting you explore Android apps.

Download Mapsaurus Beta today from the Google Play Store. Discover, install, and enjoy apps that suit your preferences using Mapsaurus. You might even want to consider getting extra storage for your Android device because you’ll no doubt be downloading loads of apps using Mapsaurus.

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