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Have you got very large fingers? Many customers have problems typing on their own cell phones simply because they have large fingers, which then causes inaccurate typing since the letters around the onscreen keyboard are extremely small.Due to this, many customers possess a difficult time in creating messages and consume a lot of time simply to type several words. To resolve this issue there’s now a brand new kind of onscreen keyboard known as MessagEase Keyboard that is designed to optimize the amount of words that an individual can type. The secrets from the keyboard are bigger compared to a usual Texting keyboard, making typing simpler.

As referred to by its designers, MessagEase is really a wise, fast, and accurate method to enter full text in your Android device. It’s also stated to become the earth’s quickest touch screen keyboard. This claim appears very justifiable because according to reading user reviews from the application, many customers really enjoy it. Some enjoy it since it helps in reducing mistakes when typing. Though, it will take getting accustomed to, particularly if your Texting routine is deeply ingrained inside your tips of the fingers.

How It Operates
The goal of the application is actually to create typing faster and also to reduce mistakes when typing words. The laptop keyboard has nine secrets that represent several letters. Due to such compression, you will find less but bigger secrets. Consequently, mistakes are reduced since you don’t accidentally tap other secrets near the key that you would like to tap, that is what usually happens if you use a Texting keyboard.This keyboard resembles that old-school keypads from the first Nokia phones, but why is MessagEase Keyboard better still is the fact that each one of the nine secrets represent probably the most commonly used letters: A, N, I, H, O, R, T, E, and S. Tapping around the key will input the primary character it signifies.The nine primary secrets also represent the less often used letters. To input such letters, you just slide your finger in direction of the minor letter-either for the center key (&ldquoO&rdquo) or from the center key.So, for example, to input the letter V, slide in the A vital for the O key. To input the letter M, slide from the R key for the O key. To input the letter P, slide from the O key for the I key. And so forth.MessagEase Keyboard also offers a thing conjecture feature to ensure that it’s not necessary to type all of the letters of the word.The most recent form of the application has additional features for example enhanced gesture recognition, broadened word list, enhanced text entry conjecture, word conjecture, as well as voice-enabled speech input via Google Voice integration. You may also alter the shape, size, and colour of the secrets, along with the default language.

MessagEase Keyboard is completely free within the Google Play Store. Download it now and check out a different way of typing your text in your Android phone.
Perhaps you have attempted the odd layout of MessagEase Keyboard? Will it meet its commitment of faster and simpler typing?

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