Microsoft expected to release Office Mobile for Android in 2013


We view lots of chatter in regards to a Microsoft ‘office’ suite for mobile products. Particularly, Office Mobile for Android. Actually, it had been just recently when gossips were with the applications in the future readily available for Android in March 2013. And well, it appears as though today has introduced newer and more effective information. As well as, a release time-frame that’s not in March.

The important thing here, this latest round of Office Mobile particulars aren’t originating from Microsoft. Rather they’re coming through the folks in the Verge. They’re confirming that &ldquoseveral sources near to Microsoft’s plans&rdquo have stated that the organization will release Office Mobile for Android and iOS at the begining of 2013. Breaking this lower a little further and that we discover the iOS release is anticipated first, in Feb or early March, with Android carrying out a couple of several weeks later, in May.Otherwise, when it comes to particulars, it appears as though Office Mobile will launch like a suite of applications. As well as better, having a free read-only option. The fundamental read-only choice is likely to include Word, Stand out and Ms powerpoint documents and individuals requiring editing is going to be needed with an Office 365 subscription. Not sure around the expected cost for that editing, nevertheless it was noted the applications &ldquowon’t go far in trying to exchange regular optimum use of the desktop Office version.&rdquo

Main point here here, it now appears like Android customers have about 6-7 several weeks before Office Mobile will arrive. Our question, because of the current possibilities for creating and editing paperwork, the number of customers continue to be awaiting the official Office application from Microsoft? Obviously, this really is from the guy who purchased a new notebook about six several weeks back and it has yet to set up anything like that.I am certain Microsoft’s Office may have its advantages over other available alternatives (and you will find others), however they most likely will not be well worth the cost for that huge most of Android customers. Between Office Suite Professional, Quick Office, Documents to visit and Kingsoft Office, Personally, i aren’t able to find reason to become excited or perhaps continue searching toward Microsoft’s offering.

I realize that it isn’t really remotely true for a lot of professionals, however for Joe and Jane average by having an Android device, I am not seeing the necessity at this time. Eight several weeks ago I could have been singing a diffent tune, however, its not enough past too far so far as I am concerned. Especially since it is not apt to be anywhere close to robust and full featured since it’s desktop counterpart.

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