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An ideal video application for form review, swing analysis or any game!

You cannot fix that which you can’t see! Coach’s Eye provides video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools, and straightforward discussing. Enhance your game with on-the-place video analysis!

Coach’s Eye provides the best way for anybody to teach or learn form and technique. Enhance your pitcher’s fastball, evaluate your swing action, easily break lower a volleyball serve, improve soccer abilities, or perhaps demonstrate weightlifting form. Every coach, parent and athlete needs an advantage and Coach’s Eye provides. Coach’s Eye may be the simplest to make use of video analysis software available and it is full of amazing abilities.


&bull RECORD VIDEO. Our built-in camcorder causes it to be simple to record and take a look at athlete’s performance around the area, evaluate their technique around the place making immediate corrections.

&bull SLOW-MOTION REVIEW. Our unique flywheel is enhanced to permit fluid, precise video scrubbing. You’ll be surprised about how easy it’s to recognize and review technique or play execution.

&bull REVIEW ON Giant Screen. Use Coach’s Eye to examine video in your TV monitor or projector through High-definition multimedia interface or Bluetooth&trade connection. (Device dependent)


&bull DRAWING TOOLS. Annotate your video using lines, arrows, circles, squares and freehand tools. Marking up and wearing down footage just like a professional is drop dead simple.

&bull AUDIO Voice-over. Record your ideas while scrubbing through and wearing down footage. Your voice is going to be synced towards the video’s slow motion, scrubbing and attracted annotations.

&bull NAMING. Provide your video a title that’s specific towards the athlete, drill, or activity being recorded.


&bull EMAIL or Text videos straight to coaches, sports athletes or parents. Videos could be seen on their own computer or mobile device.

&bull GALLERY. Shared videos are put into your Gallery. You are able to share individuals videos to DropBox along with other locations.

&bull OTHER Applications. Share links for your videos straight to any application which will share text (Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and much more).


&ldquoThe capability to film, evaluate, review using the athlete after which send it for them without departing when hasn’t been simpler.&rdquo
&mdashGLENN MILLS: Former Olympian, elite swimming coach,

&ldquoIn yesteryear I made use of a rather complicated process including a camcorder linked to a pc to complete exactly what the Coach’s Eye application achieves this simply, stylishly and strongly by itself.&rdquo
&mdashCHRIS GRIFFIN: Chi Running instructor

&ldquoThe drawing tools are perfect…I’m able to demonstrate to them exactly what they’re doing throughout an increase or spin and all of a sudden the lights continue.&rdquo
&mdashLAURA MEINECKE: Accredited PSA and US Figure Skating Coach


What exactly are you awaiting? Replace 1000′s of dollars of apparatus with Coach’s Eye watching performance improve significantly. BUY NOW And Alter The Overall Game!

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