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If your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad is an essential part of your workout, you’ve probably scrolled through the endless array of fitness apps available, wondering which ones are worth the time and money.MP3 players serve many purposes in our lives. They drown out the crazies on public transportation, keep our road rage in check during rush hour, ensure that we’re entertained on long flights, and help us stay motivated at the gym. In fact, one of the top reasons why people buy portable audio devices is to have them as fitness companions. And you may not know it just by looking at them, but the iPhone and iPod Touch are excellent tools for watching your weight and keeping in shape–you just need the proper enhancements.
First and foremost, if you’re going to be exposing your skinny little iPod to the indelicate environs of the gym, make sure you wrap it up in a nice, protective case. Then it’s onto the fun stuff: apps. The iPhone and iPod Touch have a vast array of third-party applications tailored for just about any purpose you can put your mind to, and that includes fitness. But rather than letting you wade through the sea of options out there (and, in fact, maybe ocean is a more appropriate metaphor), we’ve rounded up five of our favorite fitness apps right here. OK, OK…actually, there are seven–we just couldn’t resist throwing in some tangentially related selections.

The right fitness app can give you the boost you need to get through your workouts, but the wrong one can leave you frustrated. I’ve done a little research and put together a list of my favorite exercise and fitness apps covering everything from strength training and yoga to weight loss and running.

1. iPump & Fitness Builder

Price: $9.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Though expensive, iPump is well worth the price. Stand-out features:
Workouts drawing from thousands of unique exercises and equipment including, weights, kettlebells, BOSU, foam roller, TRX and more.
Search workouts by location (hotel, home, gym, etc.), goal (arms, abs, cardio, etc.) or keyword.
An exercise database with incredible variety. My favorites – squat thrust to push up with a med ball and 180 swings with a kettlebell.
Videos of each exercise.
The ability to edit workouts or create your own.
I love that iPump offers such incredible variety in their workouts and exercises. Also available, iPump Trainer workouts for an extra fee.

2. FitnessClass for iPad
Price: Free (Actual classes are extra)
Compatible With: iPad
This app works with iPad, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s kind of awesome. The app itself is free and gives you access to hundreds of streaming exercise videos which you can then preview and purchase. PumpOne (who also created Fitness Builder (see above)), created the app, so you’ll see a variety of PumpOne workouts as well as videos from well-known instructors like Kathy Smith, Cathe Friedrich and Patrick Goudeau. Classes are usually $1.99-$3.99 for a 30-day pass or $9.99 and up to buy the class outright and include everything from kettlebell workouts, kickboxing, step, yoga and more. It only works with wi-fi or 3G, but there may be downloadable workouts soon.

3. MotionTraxx Radio
Price: $2.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
I’m a big fan of Deekron the Fitness DJ and Motion Traxx, a free Podcast offering a huge selection of walking, running and fitness workouts set to dance music at different BPMs.For $2.99, this app allows you to stream a variety of workouts to your smartphone: Steady state, intervals, walking, running or even boot camp workouts. I have had problems with the app crashing, sometimes right in the middle of a workout. This may be because my 3G connection is spotty in my neighborhood, so this may not be a problem if you have better reception.If you’re a walker or runner and you like to move at a certain pace (or you want to be able to work at a harder pace), this app is a must have.

4. BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer
Price: $3.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Interval workouts are incredibly popular and effective, and they’re much easier to do when you have a program to follow. BeatBurn offers that guidance, but in a unique way. Not only do they include music that changes to match your running pace, but you can actually change the pace at any time during the workout if things move too fast or slow. There’s a coach offering occasional motivational pep talks throughout the workout and the screen shows the intervals as well as your speed, calories burned and incline (if you choose the treadmill option).

5. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra
Price: $1.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
I’m picky about my smartphone yoga workouts – I don’t want pictures of exercises popping up on a screen, but something more like a video with audio cues as well as visuals of the exercises. This app provides both with a variety of yoga routines for all fitness levels and for a variety of goals – Balance, flexibility, strength and awareness. This app is perfect if you want quick, easy workouts at home or on the road. There aren’t a ton of poses, but there are instructional videos and the workouts themselves show pictures of each pose with audio instructions. It’s not exactly like following a video, but it’s simple to use and, at $1.99, reasonably priced.

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