Most Popular iOS game Ant Raid on its way to Android


When it comes to games, there is no denying that there are some great titles available for Android, but every once in a while it seems that some of the best-selling titles only make their way over to Apple’s iOS. One of the highest-rated strategy games for iOS is Ant Raid, a game that many Android users would love to get their hands on. Luckily, the time for that is coming upon us. The game is on its way to Android in the 4th quarter of 2012 thanks to Herocraft.What’s this strategy game all about? Basically the game puts you in control of an ant colony with one goal in mind: surviving and prospering while dealing with other bug-like monsters along the way. This game is nothing short of unique and a welcome addition to any Android gamers’ library.

For the moment no pricing has been announced for the Android version. What do you think, does Ant Raid interest you?Fixed. We do try to catch them as they come, but sometimes a few enterprising spammers make it through our filters and bans. Thanks for the note.Thanks, I hate spammers and always try to note peoples attention to them so they get deleted. I wonder why there are so many spammers in android authority (and other disqus sites) or is it just that every sites got their spammers and I just notice only these because I use this site.

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