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Verizon/Motorola problem treatment for Android X screen

A next day of reviews of ‘banding’ had appeared, Motorola and Verizon released a treatment for the couple of which were getting the issues.

The Android X, the monster Android phone that edges on tablet but seems to become selling incredibly well, includes a problem, it had been reported yesterday. Some customers were going through ‘banding’ on their own Android X products (see video below).

A Verizon representative explained that under one-tenth of 1 percent from the Android X phones had issues. Affected customers should bring their phones into Verizon service centers meanwhile an update has been pressed to to Android X customers.

“Verizon Wireless Carrier and Motorola know about a really few Android X models which have experienced a flickering or banding display. Motorola has resolved the problem and it is ongoing to ship the phones. Any consumer who encounters a flickering or banding display should contact Motorola customer care center or Verizon Wireless Carrier.Inch

Computerworld in comparison the issue towards the apple iphone 4′s antenna problem (though they’re completely different in severity and scope). A PR analyst recognized Verizon/Motorola’s speed in fixing the problem:

…By comparison, it had been 22 days before Apple Boss Jobs a week ago provided to provide clients having a free situation for that apple iphone 4 to help resolve an antenna problem that found light following the June 24 launch from the device. The reviews around the reception problem saddled Apple with immediate negative publicity.

“This really is the proper way to handle an issue,Inch stated analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Affiliates. “Puppy nip it within the bud before it will get beyond control. People can cope with an issue should you admit you’ve one and proceed and let them know you’ll repair it. That’s known as customer support.Inch Gold stated it’s “a smaller amount costly to deal with a issue in the initial phases than hold back until plenty of models get available with similar problem and need to take remedial action.”

As the Android X is offered out until August 3rd, based on Verizon’s site, online merchants like Amazon . com have the symptoms of them available ($179 with plan). (As Junior Rafael highlights at PC World)

Dealnews, a coupon and deals site shows them selling for less than $100.

Motorola’s next Android phone is anticipated to become the Android 2, a successor towards the original Android having a hardware keyboard and among the first products running Google’s new Android OS 2.2 (Froyo).

Engadget has determined a August 23rd launch window for that Android 2.

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