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What is Android

Android™ is a flexible software platform designed to deliver a personalized and customizable user experience on mobile devices. It is strongly suited to bring advanced web services, e-mail, social networking, and entertainment to consumers. Android will serve as the operating system on many of Motorola’s future handsets.
How is Android different?

Compared to many existing platforms, Android is truly open to continued innovation and new experiences. This is because independent developers have almost unlimited access to the platform, so they can develop applications never seen before. End users will enjoy a much greater choice of mobile applications to enhance email, texting, Web browsing, music, camera and calling capabilities.
How will Android improve the way I use my Motorola phone?

You’ll have the ability to customize your Motorola Android phone exactly the way you want, to take advantage of web services and enhanced data features. Whether it’s as basic as choosing a new home screen, or as advanced as using GPS tracking, Android lets you decide which applications should live, work and run on your Motorola phone.
What else should I know about Motorola and Android?

At Motorola, we believe that Android will allow you to have a richer, more customized and personal mobile experience. Over the next few years, we will launch a variety of Android-based mobile devices, starting with the first products by the end of 2009. If you’re curious about Android find out more. And, if you’re a developer, the future of Android is waiting for you at MOTODEV.
How can I stay up-to-date on Motorola’s plans for Android-based devices?

Keep up with Motorola Android news by following us on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook.

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