Must-Play Indie Games For Android


You’re ready to drop that controller and time for you to dive into some indie games. The Android Market really displayed lots of great indie designers and also the unique games they have put into many an Android fan’s phone. What exactly are you currently awaiting? Press start and cargo these great picks to your phone (or tablet), at this time!

1. Battleheart ($2.99)

Be not misled by its cutesy cartoonish figures. Battleheart is a game many happen to be awaiting to port to Android and it’s not hard to understand why. Plenty of party personalization, vivid graphics and intense RPG style combat awaits you. This really is one game which i recommend you receive.

2. Chalk Ball (lite, &euro1.49 to purchase)
This line drawing game will test out your reflexes. Keep your chalk ball bouncing by drawing lines of chalk. But don’t forget, you’ve limited chalk so make certain you receive your great amount of refills. Certain to help make your finger sore.

3. Selection of Games Books (free)

Should you loved flipping on Choose Your Personal Adventure books, Selection of Games has got the next best factor on Android. They publish interactive books varying from seafaring adventures to adventuring like a princess-sleeping dragon. You cannot cheat by missing towards the back though.

4. EVAC (lite, United kingdom&pound1.49 for normal SD or HD versions)
Pac-guy this ain’t. Collect the colour dots and escape the clutches from the Shadowbox and the angry red-colored henchsquares. Fairly straightforward but challenging game, for me.

5. Hextacy (lite, Skr7.00 to purchase)
Hextacy throws in certain hex matching, electronica and glossy graphics to maintain your free time busy. Magnus Lorentzon may have managed to get look simple but fans of these kinds of games will certainly enjoy that one.

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