MX Player: Powerful media player with background playback


Our Android devices are our pocket-size media hubs. We store our music files in them and listen to them while on the road. We also store our favorite videos so we can watch them whenever we want. Our Android devices have default music and video player apps that can play media files. But, if you want a player with more features, you should try installing third-party media players on your Android device. The Google Play Store offers numerous media player apps and one of those is the MX Player.

The MX Player has been sitting on most Android devices due to the fact that it supports a lot of file formats. If that wasn’t enough, the app has also been recently updated. The app now packs a new H/W+ decoder, support for Tegra 3-powered devices, Vietnamese language translations, and background playback.When you open the app, it automatically scans for media files on your Android device. No need to manually add them to the player. But, in case your media files aren’t detected, you can manually add the file extension of the media files so the app can automatically add your files when you open the app. For instance, the app didn’t include the file extension MP3 on the list so all my media files with that file extension didn’t show up on the app’s main menu.

All scanned media files will appear on the main menu. You can also use the search button in the upper-right portion of the screen to instantly search for a media file. To begin listening to music or watching your videos, just tap the media file and the app will bring you to the viewing screen.The viewing screen has virtual buttons that help you control the video or your music file. You can find the common buttons on a media player, such as the Previous, Next, Play, and the Pause buttons. You can also find a button that will allow you to fit the screen on your mobile phone or minimize it. You can also find a lock button so you won’t accidentally skip or pause your media files.

The file name, battery status, and time can be viewed at the top part of the screen. The battery status and time will help you keep track of the duration of the video or if your Android device needs to be connected to a power source.The updated MX Player also has a new H/W+ (hardware) decoder that will help you play your media files. The app’s S/W (software) decoder has also been stabilized to play on Tegra 3 devices such as the Asus Transformer Prime, the HTC One X, and the Nexus 7.

The updated app also has a new feature that allows you to play your media files in the background. The MX player will also display a mini control pad on your notification bar that will allow you to quickly switch to another song. I found this feature useful when playing music files and needing to access the home screen.

The background playback, however, seems useless when playing your videos. When movies are played in the background, you can only hear its audio. A pop-up player might be a good addition to this app so you can also view your videos while on the homescreen. You can quickly reopen your video by tapping the mini control pad on your notification menu.

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