My android apps keep force closing


Apps and browser keep force closing (constantly!) and stops loading sites

I have been getting this issue for some time now and it is getting beyond a tale, I am almost near purchasing an Ipad it’s that bad!

First problem would be that the browser and the majority of the apps would run acceptable for a couple of mins then freeze and shut. The Browser I personally use is stock (although I’d exactly the same with Dolphin and Opera). The Apps are games like angry wild birds and many puzle one which I can not remember since carrying out a factory totally reset. I did not obtain that much around the 101 to tell the truth.

The second reason is that whenever browsing the internet for some time, the 101 wouldn’t load anything. The progress bar would get about 1-2 centimetres in in the left then hold there. I would need to perform a reboot it works again for around ten mins. Irrrve never possess the trouble with my desktop or apple iphone on a single wi-fi compatability connection.

This really is getting really annoying now when i can’t go a lot more than ten mins without needing to reboot due to some problem. I’d the update the 2009 week so installed that then did a complete factory totally reset (4 occasions because the guide on here suggests doing several occasions) also it was acceptable for the very first day approximately then normal again which is after preventing all of the automatic re-installs from the apps I previously had on and just setting up some angry wild birds apps.

I did previously love my 101 and suggested it to anybody that requested however it annpys me and that i can’t recommend it.

Can anybody help me to rekindle my passion for my 101?

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