My android phone wont turn on or charge


Yesterday i left my phone charging for around twenty minutes so when i returned it will not switch on and also the battery charge light wont either. My HTC Incredible 2 is rooted. The only real factor which i did before i blocked it directly into charge, was which i blocked within my phone to my computer in disk drive mode, I required all of the files around the sdcard and set them right into a new folder that we left named new folder. i quickly replicated home windows 7 installation files around the sdcard which i did previously replace my OS on my small computer. when which was done “succesfully” i eraced the home windows 7 install files from the sdcard and required the files for that android and set all of them back how they were initially.

Yes i understand that may have been my first mistake however i didnt possess a usb drive or actual install disk. I downloaded the home windows 7 installation and required to re-install my operating-system on my small computer immediately. MY phone was working fine following this whole process up to i blocked it directly into charge. Can anybody assist me? Company i attempted my wife’s battery from her exact same phone as mine and absolutely nothing, them i attempted my battery in her own phone also it labored. I additionally attempted to hard totally reset and absolutely nothing. HELP?

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