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You will find now various ways you are able to integrate your Android smartphone or tablet with MythTV.

The simplest means to access the information in your MythTV box out of your smartphone is applying DLNA. Most phones have DLNA built-in and may behave as remotes and renderers for content saved in your MythTV server. The tracks are streamed entirely quality, and since nothing must be transcoded it is a extremely swift and convenient method. It is best to do this first if your Wi-fi compatability and make contact with are as much as it, it’s undoubtedly the best way to gain access to your articles. You may also make use of your phone like a controller to transmit the information to a different DLNA enabled device, like a TV. See for a far more detailled description of using DLNA with Linux:

Linux DLNA Media Server Tutorial

MythTV Go

MythTV Continue Google Play

This can be a great application for enjoying your MythTV tracks in your android device. You’ll have the ability to stream your articles in top quality to anywhere in the home and, after some chicanery, over the internet.

You will find different ways of being able to access the information in your after sales, however the clever factor here would be that the application handles the transcoding from the file, permitting you to select the the standard from the stream and instantly optimising it for viewing on the small screen. It’s also very easy to setup and can instantly identify any mythbackend machines around the network.

MythTV Go doesn’t take part in the stream directly, but offloads it to some media player placed on your device. You might find that some gamers, like the HTC one on my cell phone, won’t take part in the stream. The developer suggests the disposable Baloney Player, which you’ll download from Google Play. After I installed that, MythTV Go presented me having a menu to choose the preferred player also it performed the stream perfectly, even permitting me to stop and travel through it.

The application uses the brand new services API introduced in MythTV .25, so you’ll need the most recent form of Myth to make the most of these functions. You will see and manage transcodings while using new MythBackend web interface at http://localhost:6544 (change localhost towards the Ip of the after sales server).

For info on playing streams on the internet, check this out tutorial:

Streaming MythTV Tracks On the internet


MythMote on the internet Play

MythMote does what it really states around the container it functions like a remote cotnrol for the existing MythTV frontend. The setup is fairly easy, you simply provide the Ip of the frontend. You are then given an interface which fits as being a standard handheld remote control.

Used it really works pretty much, however i were built with a couple of difficulties with it. The primary on because a touch screen just does not feel as nice for the buttons on the traditional remote. Also, if you are watching a show, you do not want your phone sitting alongside you eating up its battery using the screen on, and that means you have to switch it on and unlock it every time you desire to use the remote. Also, if there’s several individuals in the home, and particularly if you have kids, getting other individuals grubby fingers in your fancy smartphone is not ideal! With that said, it had been a existence saving idea to obtain me by whenever a recent upgrade borked my lirc config!

So, for me personally it isn’t an alternative to the “real factor”, however it is effective so try it out and you’ll feel in a different way.

MythDroid is really a fully featured Myth Frontend controller for Android. It has a gesture-based handheld remote control interface and enables full charge of MythTV, including playback of tracks, video and music. Additionally, it gives accessibility programme guide for arranging tracks.

MythDroid does not really operate a mythfrontend itself, but controls a current frontend, so you’ll want a frontend running for MythDroid to utilize.

Installation is fairly straightforward, first of all let the ‘Enable frontend network control’ option in every frontend’s general configurations.

For MythDroid streaming to operate, you have to install some MythDroid software known as MDD as well as VLC in your after sales. VLC transcodes the tracks on-the-fly, so you may need a reasonable effective after sales with this to operate. Also install MDD in your frontend.

In your Android phone, download the most recent MythDroid APK and install using anb (in the Android SDK).

Begin to see the following installation guide around the MythDroid website to learn more:

MythDroid Installation Notes

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