Netflix releases new update, includes additional countries


Netflix has just released a new version of its Android application hoping to make the experience smoother across all hardware types. While the update is rather minor, it still addresses major issues that have been plaguing the app since its initial launch.Generally speaking, Netflix has done a pretty good job porting its service to Android. However, the experience hasn’t exactly been seamless so far.With this new update, Netflix has brought the service to four new countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. In addition, Netflix has added improved support for subtitles. If you have ever used subtitles prior to this update, then you know the sad state that they were previously in.If you are the type that uses this app on your device several times a day, then you are familiar with the horrible lag that exists. Netflix has supposedly fixed this issue. I did in fact notice that the video playback and menu browsing ran much more smoothly on my phone. However, when I switched over to my tablet, there was still some lag present in both video playback and menu browsing. At the same time, the little lag experienced was a major step up from what it was before.

It seems as though the lag fix is not an official change, as it doesn’t remain consistent across devices. Regardless, the update is now available to all Android devices on the Google Play Store.

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