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We’re just a few days away from bidding goodbye to September and saying hello to October. Yet, when talking of Android apps, we hardly need to say bye-bye; rather, it’s mostly a case of saying hello, especially to the newest and the freshest goodies from the Android app market.In this last week of September, say hello to some of the best new and fresh Android apps that were unleashed upon the Google Play Store this week. We scurried and bustled about in the Store and filled our shopping basket with an app for:

crunching and computing discounts while you go shopping;
searching for locally installed apps and launching them;
random selection of items in a set;
monitoring your daily water intake;
finding interesting people to chat or flirt with, or even meet and make friends with;
connecting and “mingling” with people at events, social-networking-style;
keeping shopping lists with the use of gestures;
accessing your phone from any Web browser;
collaborating on a group project;
finding places such as restaurants and entertainment centers, and getting information about them;
recording time spent on a task;
getting beauty and makeup tips;
downloading email attachments and files even if the file formats are not natively supported by your email client or browser;
using your Android’s LED lights as a flashlight, early warning device, strobe light, or Morse code signal beacon; and
hand-picking phone numbers or contacts that you don’t want to be able to call you.
Check out these new apps, will you? And, tell us what you think of them.

Discount Calculator- Shopping
Most people love to go to the mall and shop. We may even make a shopping list so that we won’t forget to buy the things that we need. But, aside from making your shopping list, it’s also important that you manage your money well before going out to shop. A wise shopper always monitors mall events and promos that sell a product at a lower price. When a mall has a sale, be sure to install the Discount Calculator- Shopping on your Android device. This app will help you calculate the price of a discounted product and computes the total expenses in your shopping bag.All you need to do is type in the original price and place the sale percentage of that product. The discounted price will appear below. The app will also allow you to add the tax value of a product. Once you have computed all the items’ discounted prices, your total expenses will appear at the top of the screen.The ads-supported Discount Calculator- Shopping app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will only appear at the bottom of the screen and won’t hinder you from using the app.Do you need more app options for your shopping or grocery tasks? Check out some of the best grocery list apps for Android and the best Android apps for shoppers to find best deals.

Quick launch(find and launch)
The patent war is raging on. Phone manufacturers are trying their best to create better Androids without copying the opposition. Samsung even modified its phone to avoid conflict with other phone manufacturers. The company has even pushed an update that removed local search functionality on the Galaxy S3. Many reacted to this change because the local search function was a very useful tool on the mobile phone. If you were one of the victims of this update, worry no more. You can easily replace the local search function on your phone with an app from the Google Play Store.

The Quick launch(find & launch) functions like a local search on your mobile phone. All you need to do is type the name of the app and launch it directly from Quick launch. The app, however, doesn’t really imitate the local search since the app is only limited to searching for apps on your mobile phone. It would be a good addition to the app if it also allowed contacts or phone numbers to be searched.

The ad-supported Quick launch(find & launch) can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will appear at the top of the app ‘s screen, but aren’t a big distraction while using the app.

Who will clean the dishes? Who will buy the food? Who will do this or that task? Making a decision is hard, especially when your are in a group. Life would be easier if members of your group are up for the task. If you and your group members find it hard to assign tasks, you can use the app Decider to help you settle things. This app will randomly pick a marker assigned to a specific member of your group.The app is also simple to use. All you need to do is to let your members tap anywhere on the screen to place their markers. When all markers are placed, just tap the spinner which will then spin around and point to a marker. You can use this app to assign certain tasks to your team members. You even use this to assign who’s the it in your hide-and-seek game or represent the marker as the food that you want to eat. You can also change the theme to white or dark on the Settings menu.The ads-free Decider app can be downloaded for a price of about US$2.00 from the Google Play Store.

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