New and improved Android Developer Console launched by Google now


Good news for all you Android developers – Google has rolled out the new version of the Android Developer Console. There’s a sexy new interface that’s fast to load and easy to navigate and search. You’ll also find more statistics to help you analyze your app’s performance and the app publishing workflow has been streamlined for clarity.

It was first shown off back at Google I/O earlier in the year, but it has been tested, tweaked, and almost perfected since then. You can log in and try it out by clicking “Try the new version” in the header. It’s not quite done because multiple APK support, APK Expansion Files and announcements are not yet supported, but you can access them by clicking “Switch back” in the header to go back to the familiar old version.Beyond the fact that it looks better and usability has been improved, the user rating analysis is probably the most interesting addition. There’s a graph that can display changes in the user rating over time or help you analyze a specific day or period. You can break those all-important user ratings down by device, app version, Android version, carrier, country, or language.

You can compare old and new versions of your app before publishing, which should help catch any errors before they go out. You can also publish your app description for Google Play and have it automatically translated into 49 languages with no action required from you.If you do check it out there’s still time to help Google improve it – simply click the “Feedback” link in the header and give your impressions or suggestions. This looks like a decent update to us, what do you think? Post a comment and tell us.

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