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Notification Center arrives with iOS 5. You can add any app to Notification Center by going into the Settings app. Apple turns off the Mail app by default, but we find it is worthwhile to turn that one on. You can choose to have your apps show you notifications ONLY inside Notification Center. Having a central place for all of your notifications is really quite handy. We have gathered up our favorite apps to add to your Notification Center in this AppList.

Podcaster 4

When you wake up in the morning, you’ll want to see if you have any new podcasts ready to download. Podcaster watches up to 10 podcast feeds and alerts you when a new show is ready to download. Start the morning right by listening to your favorite podcasts.

BillMinder for iPhone
Before getting to entrenched in your day, you’ll want to check Notification Center for any bills you need to pay. BillMinder makes sure you don’t forget about that upcoming credit card bill or mortgage payment. Paying bills isn’t pretty, but with Notification Center, at least your bill reminder will be elegant

Before heading out the door, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get outbid on that prized item. The eBay app provides you with up to the minute info on your eBay auctions. Whether selling or buying, this is an app you’ll want to have in Notification Center.

Boxcar is your one stop shop for a multitude of notifications. Get notifications from Twitter, Google Buzz, RSS, Reddit, Facebook, Github and more. Boxcar is one of the most useful apps to have. Now that Notification Center has arrived, it is a must have.

Mountain Lion has pounced into the Mac App Store. If you haven’t already upgraded to the latest version of OS X, you’ll want to make sure your Mac is ready for the upgrade.Once you have gone through the preparation and installation of Mountain Lion, you’re not going to want to wait to dig right in and get all of the new features set up.One of the (many) features OS X has incorporated from iOS in Mountain Lion is the Notification Center. If you use an iOS device, you’re already familiar with how it works to an extent. You can drag it down from the top of your screen at any time to reveal any pending notifications.The same principle applies to Notification Center on OS X 10.8, except, you don’t pull down from the top of the screen. The Notification Center is hidden under the right side of your desktop. There are two methods for you to use to reveal your notifications.

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