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Today we are bringing to you a Symbian Belle to Android comparison as commented by one of our reader, Mohit. As this is hands-on experience, so we rate it highly. Mohit has used both Android Gingerbread and Symbian Anna and Belle and feels Anna was better in efficiency and look wise Belle is better than Android. Apps wise also Mohit found it easy to find apps for Symbian than Android. He also rates Nokia maps higher than Google maps for with better local coverage.Belle is really impressive. I had used both Android 2.3.7 & Symbian Anna & then Belle. Anna was better in efficiency but look was very sad. But, launch of Belle had changed this. Look is better than Android 2.3.7

Regarding Apps, I will say one thing; you don’t have to struggle to find the pirated applications designed for Symbian platform but for Android, it’s a very tough job to locate the not so popular one. Free apps are just like garbage bin & I don’t want to waste money while purchasing real HD games on their stores.Well, there are 100s of car racing games available on both Nokia store & Android market but none is giving you the best HD games for free. Example includes Asphalt 6, Assasin Creed etc.It was so simple for me to get the pirated version of these games for my X7 but for my HTC, I am still in search for the pirated one.Regarding maps, Nokia Maps are somewhat better than Google Maps. Even the useless local grocery shops are mentioned in Nokia Maps but the same is not applicable for Google Maps.ppl think of symbian like orthodox ppl. They think of symbian as old s60v1v2 device or a fail n97. Nokia 701(maybe best symbian phone atm) cost half the price of best android phone and 1/3 of iphone. I think thats something no one mentions while comparing oses.
Cheaper android phones are very much slower and have poor app support. Symbian phones with single cores perform better than dual cores.

Cons for symbian
ppl think it sucks and so its less supported by companies like gameloft and private developers
Looking at hardware shows that symbian is baby and this make ppl change to droids with dual cores and gbs of ram. If you play games on all oses, you will find which os have how much power.Ios is most stable followed by symbian.Look guys i am using Symbian from the beginning it has been released from symbian60v3 to symbian60v5(5800xm).then symbian^3 to symbian anna(c6-01).and recently belle(701).so there are lots many nokia device i used.and now i am using Android GB.and i amvery much pleased with has some styles,gorgeous graphics and better UI than Symbian.and recently belle is doing the xerox of android,like notification bar,more home screen,even the menu icon from android.the copy-paste functionality.the widgets also.And the guys who says that there is no pirate version of HD games for android,i must say he does not know how to use Google to search them.i have downloaded more than 10 HD games for GB.and that Asphalt 6 is still paid games in ovi store like as in play store of android.
the ovi stores is really can’t even find a phone configuration tool without Android there was many and free of cost.
yes android needs more CPU and GPU for giving the best graphics and performances in device,but in term of graphics and performances Symbian is the last on the list.Have you guys look in the latest demo ice cream sandwich of android????even belle fp1 is not the comparable with.
LAST OF ALL THE IDEA OF GIVING THE NAME IN SYMBIAN IS TAKEN FROM ANDROID.IN ANDROID THE VERSIONS ARE LIKE 1.CUPCAKE 2.DONUTS 3.FROYO 4.GINGER BREAD 5.ICE CREAM SANDWICH 5.JELLY BEANS, all are in alphabatically.and this idea is taken by nokia to give the name like 1.ANNA 2.BELLE 3.CARLA 4.DONNA.Android is copy of Maemo if your theory of copying has to be believed. Maemo was Nokia’s OS for you info.The notification bar, homescreen, menu icon and copy-paste functionality was available on Nokia devcies even before Android was born. In fact not only Android but ios also has copied many things from Nokia and Symbian.
Now talking about Android 4 or ICS, let me tell what google has copied from Symbian to ICS. Folders are one of the burning example. Symbian had it from start. ICS copied it and now brainwashed Androis users are made to believe that Symbian copies from Android. OMG.Running Android apps when you’re OS is not Android is how RIM intends to beef up their 500,000 1Q shipping playbook, that’s good for them as their BB World store doesn’t really have all that much content and in no way looks to be picking up any time soon.Nokia however has Qt, and growing number of Qt apps have already been developed for Symbian^3 which shouldn’t take too much effort possibly to recompile for MeeGo Qt. I mean that was the whole purpose of Qt – code once, distribute everywhere. Nokia has invested in developer version of the N9 (N950) not just to improve the platform but also get some apps in development.Chris notes availability for Dalvik some time this year for MeeGo, but no specific dates yet.

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