Nokia apps vs blackberry apps store


IHS reports state that while Apple is still wiping the floor with the rest of the mobile market in application market sales, BlackBerry is in second place overtaking both Android and Nokia.While the battle for younger users is between the iPhone and BlackBerry handsets, these figures show that iPhone users buy and download the most applications. Though BlackBerry users in a far away second place downloading even more applications as they become available.In short, while it does not show a direct correlation between Apple and BlackBerry users and application sales through their respective application stores, it does show Apple’s dominance in the market.Granted, the Apple App Store is in clear first place with 82% of all revenue, raking in over $1.78 billion in 2010, with BlackBerry taking second place at 7% and $165 million.

Even though Android is the world’s most used mobile operating system, with a staggering 350,000 Android applications per day, it shows that the Android Market is falling behind all the major players – even Nokia.

But crucially, as BlackBerry, Nokia and Android users are year on year buying and downloading more applications, iPhone users are slowing down.

Once Nokia and Microsoft close the deal and the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Ovi Store is combined, this will further dent the figures. Though truth be told, the merger will probably hit the BlackBerry maker Research in Motion more than the Apple.Even though Android is the world?s most used mobile operating system, with a staggering 350,000 Android applications per day”

“Staggering”, indeed, but the immense sums under discussion should be “activations per day”, not “applications”.

Good to see ZDNet’s found themselves another writer with mediocre editing skills — less pressure for extant staff, I imagine. If Zack wants to really ingratiate himself with Team ZD he should try gaining an extra 40% of body weight. Then he’d fit right in around here, if nowhere else.Although there is a lot of focus on hardware and built-in capabilities when a new smartphone or tablet is announced, it is also important to consider the application ecosystem before deciding on your upgrade.

A straight-forward metric for users is to simply look at which store has the most apps. Here Apple’s App Store for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices still comes out on top with a reported 650,000 apps.Of these, 225,000 are for the iPad, CEO Tim Cook said in his keynote at Apple’s 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference.Google takes second place with over 500,000 apps in the Google Play app store for Android, which doesn’t put it that far behind Apple when you consider the next closest, Nokia, with 116,583 apps for its Symbian devices (as reported during December 2011).Microsoft is closing in on Nokia, with All About Windows Phone reporting that on 3 June 2012 there were 100,145 apps published in the Windows Phone Marketplace.BlackBerry comes in last among the big mobile OS players with Research In Motion reporting over 99,500 apps in its BlackBerry App World during May 2012. Of these, 74,800 are for BlackBerry OS and 24,700 are for BlackBerry Playbook.Many mobile marketplaces offer more than just apps, however, though few of them offer other media in South Africa. In fact, iTunes doesn’t even offer all its apps to South African users.The tables below compares the app and book stores of the various markets:

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