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Telcare® today announced the continued expansion of its wireless diabetes management product suite with the rollout of the Diabetes Pal™ app for Android™. Diabetes Pal™ is currently the top-rated Diabetes Application in the Apple® App Store. The Telcare BGM® is the world’s first cloud-connected glucose meter.“The release of Diabetes Pal™ for Android™-based devices is a strong milestone for us as a wireless-focused medical-technology company. More importantly, it increases the universe of people with diabetes, family members, and healthcare professionals who are now able to analyze, organize and share glucose readings captured by the Telcare BGM® glucose meter,” said Dr. Jonathan Javitt, Chief Executive Officer of Telcare, Inc.Patients who download the free Diabetes Pal™ version for Android™ will now be able to store and view all of their blood glucose readings, nutrition information, medication data, and custom notes. Using Diabetes Pal™, family members and healthcare professionals will have the ability to spot trends and improve self-management of blood glucose.Telcare’s offering differs from the myriad of connected diabetes solutions emerging in the marketplace in that the patient does not need to take any additional steps other than ordinary glucose testing in order to have all information organized and available at all times. As the Gartner group, a leading industry expert group stated in naming Telcare one of its Cool Vendors for 2012, “…in a world of starry-eyed idealists, Telcare’s solution is as simple as Grandma’s Kindle.”Both the Telcare BGM® glucose meter and Telserve, its linked cloud server, received 510(k) clearance by the United States FDA in July, 2011. The Telcare BGM® is currently available for purchase at
The Diabetes Pal™ App for Android™ can be utilized by Telcare BGM® and non-Telcare BGM® users. Features include:
Automatic and manual entry options
All data are synchronized and viewable at
Desktop access from Mac or PC
Printable reports
Create, track, and achieve goals
Beautiful, landscape, zoom-friendly charts and graphs
Store BG, Food, Medication and Notes
Offline and online modes
*Analysis was based on information collected from the U.S. Apple® App Store customer ratings and only included apps with 30 ratings or more.
About Telcare, Inc.:
Telcare, Inc. uses cellular technology and social networking to bridge the last mile between patients with diabetes, their caregivers, and their families in order to transform the care of chronic illness. Telcare has been awarded First Place prizes in the categories of Health, Wellness and Fitness Application and Health Enterprise Solution by CTIA, been named the MEDTEC startup of the year, and been named one of the top 12 products of 2012 by the Edison Awards. Telcare creates an ecosystem of care that enables people with diabetes to better care for their condition in order to prevent complications, improve outcomes, and reduce cost of care. For more information

Diabetic patients needs special care as well as special attention to their health , food ( diet ) , medication , diabetes complications . For Diabetic patients who uses android , there is few applications are converting android phones to Diabetic patient`s assistant .

1-OnTrack Diabetes – Free by GExperts Inc :
OnTrack is an application to help diabetics manage their diabetes by tracking various items such as glucose, exercise, food, medication and weight. Features include:
– easy to use interface
– supports mmo/l and mg/dl
– graphs and reports
– export to CSV,HTML,XML
– set low and high glucose ranges

2-Food Street Diabetes – Free :
Help cooking food that does not affect diabetic patients .

3-Body sugar – $1.99 :
Body Sugar is monitoring blood sugar, weight, exercise, food, and calories balance. Good for diabet type 1 and 2 with humalog injections and medication entries.

4-eDiabetes Pro $1.99 :
Help in controlling diabetes by how to exercise, diet, insulin doses and unexpected events affect blood glucose levels.

5-Diabetes $0.99 :
An educational flash card for diabetes ( Type I and Type II ) .

6-AgileDiabetes $0.99 :
Used to Track Diabetes , through blood glucose readings .

7-DiabetesManager $5.00 :
Allows users to save, view (charts+tables), and export (CSV files) diabetes and general health data. Measurement types: exercise, meals, glucose, HbA1c, humalog, lantus, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and subjective general health.

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