Now Better user interface part of new eBay 2.0 app for Android


Any true eBay aficionado not only uses the popular online store and auction site from their desktop computer, but also from their mobile phone. eBay released the international version of its Android app a couple of years ago and now it has updated the app (calling it V2.0) with a fresh new user interface. Don’t worry, the changes aren’t major, it is still the same familiar app, but the UI is more polished and less — how can I put it? — Windows 95 like!The new UI has been redesigned to conform to the Android 4.0 Holo theme and the result is that it looks more clean cut and crisp.

The blue shades of the old UI are out, and carbon is in!The functionality of the app remains very much the same. If you are a buyer, you can search for items, access your saved searches and check up on items you are watching. If you’re a seller you can monitor the items you are selling, as well as create new listings. The ability to scan barcodes still exists, and is a quick way to find an item for sale or create a listing to sell an item.The app is also plugged into the Android notification system, and you can get notifications and reminders about items ending, being outbid, new messages, and so on. In general navigation throughout the app has been simplified.For those in the U.S. the much-wanted ability to buy cars has now been added to the mobile app. You can find cars, trucks, motorcycles, as well as spare parts and accessories. This is a much-needed feature, and while only available in the US at the moment, eBay are promising to expand it to other countries soon.Talking of other countries, users in Italy and Spain can now list items with the app. Payment support has been added for Malaysia and Singapore. You can check out the latest app version from Google Play.

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