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Since Android saw an overall total update of their pulldown notification system, I have been impressed. I’d always wondered, though, how could I create my very own custom notices? After doing a bit of research, I came across Notif.
Notif enables you to definitely create four various kinds of custom notification, also it will it all free of charge.After I happened upon Notif, I had been really just searching for the very best application that helped me to keep a listing of products I desired to complete. I’d attempted Astrid, given Tasks a to-do, however i was not impressed using their icons and did not wish to have to spread out anything up to look at my list.Upon finding Notif, however, everything transformed. To begin, you may create four various kinds of notices (Default, Large Text, Large Picture, and List). Each one of these includes different choices and appears, so that you can create anything you need.Default may be the standard Android notification. Your notification is restricted to some title and roughly one short type of text.Large Text grows upon the Default idea, providing you with fields to include a title, an broadened title (exactly what the title becomes whenever you pinch-scroll the notification to the full-sized), along with a content box. I added a couple of sentences into my content box, so when I drawn the Large Text notification to the maximum size, everything fit, like miracle.

Large Picture is identical type of notification you receive for an image, however, you also be capable of add plenty of text, as with the Large Text option. Presently, pictures taken within Notif aren’t high-quality, so you have to bring your picture first, then make use of the ‘Get Photo’ option to possess a truly beautiful picture inside your notification bar.

Should you leave the notification reduced, a little thumbnail of the picture is displayed. Upon tugging it to full-sized, the image develops in dimensions and every one of what you are saying are displayed.Finally, we arrive at the List option (my personal favorite!). List is fairly straightforward title your list and equal to seven tasks to stated list. There you have it. You may also type up a listing summary, just in case you need to minimize your list, but otherwise, that’s everything.The apparatus icon right of every notification’s title (when designing a notification) enables you to decide on what icon you would like your notification to possess within the pulldown menu. The disposable version includes 20, but when you upgrade towards the Professional version, you unlock all 200 symbols.You may also make any notification a continuing notification (meaning you cannot swipe right or left to get rid of it), which is ideal for ensuring you do not accidentally remove something before you decide to meant to. However, you need to go into the Notif application proper and tap the double-flag icon.Notable disadvantages include the inability to mix products from lists in the process (that’d be something Tasks or Astrid is much more outfitted to complete), and the inability to save templates. However, to have an application that’s following all the Holo design recommendations, and free of charge, they are small disadvantages.
Notif is just suitable for Android products running 4.1 and greater, and are available in the Google Play Store completely and totally free.

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