Now RealPlayer go live on Android


You remember RealPlayer right? Back in the 90′s it was on everyone’s computer. It was one of the first streaming media players and it was capable of handling all sorts of audio and video formats. It was frequently used as the embedded app on websites and it was a popular name (although it had a bit of a reputation for worming its way onto PCs as the default media player).It’s not entirely clear why RealNetworks failed to capitalize on that position and spiraled into obscurity as iTunes and YouTube took off, but the company continued to work on RealPlayer and the latest version has a laundry list of features. It has recently been working on a beta app for Android which has now been deemed ready for mass consumption. The RealPlayer app is free in Google Play and it’s aiming to claim that default media player slot on your Android device.

So what does it do?
The idea is that RealPlayer will handle everything. It can play music and video files, it can handle photos, and it plugs directly into social media, like Facebook, so you can share whatever you like. It’s actually a well-designed app with an intuitive interface and a host of handy options. You can create playlists, there are handy widgets for your home screen, and it even supports voice commands for search.Naturally there is a premium option via a $4.99 in-app upgrade. It’s a one-off fee and it will eradicate the adverts. It will also give you a graphic equalizer and allow you to save custom settings, allow you to edit metadata, and unlock another few extras like RealAudio and RealVideo support.If you are tempted get the free app first and give it a test run, we think it’s a fairly solid media player for Android. Here’s the link in Google Play. Let us know what you think of the app. We think it’s one of the best Android apps for playing video.Not sure if I’m reading the info wrong but it looks like RealPlayer tries to be able to do everything except play their own media formats until you pay for it?Yeah they want you to pay to get rmvb support, I don’t really get that either especially since there are free Android video players that support rmvb already.

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