Number of android apps versus apple apps


Apple’s apple iphone 4 and Google’s Google Android Nexus One Android phone face off inside a fight of apps. The apple iphone might be tops on gaming and entertainment, but Android’s social-networking and placement-based abilities help the score.

In older days, a “wise” phone was one that allow you to run a calendar and e-mails. Now, the IQ test is much more rigorous. Request anybody transporting an apple iphone or Android phone nowadays why is their phones smart and they’re going to rapidly let you know, “It is the apps, dum-dum.”

Apple includes a commanding lead total other wise phone platforms with 230,000 and counting within the Application Store. But Google’s Android platform now claims 70,000. There might be a large distinction between the 2, but it is not felt in most groups. In 10 of the most basic application groups, apple iphone and Android duke it. Remarkably, it isn’t an overall total rout, this is not on each side. Each platform got its great amount of victories.

The iPhone’s huge application count does not help it to in a few instances. In the end, Apple only presented multitasking to the development community, something developers happen to be dealing with on Android for a few years. Also, apple iphones don’t run icons &mdash extra time of the application that seems with an Android phone’s desltop. If this involves music and social media, icons mean an enormous advantage.

But Android suffers in different ways. Since the OS is freely open to anybody who develops hardware, service providers sell Android phones with a number of screen dimensions and processor speeds. This will make game designers particularly kinda restless, especially since they already know a brand new apple iphone is only going to emerge annually, setting a brand new top-bar standard if this does.

Another developer problem is the overwhelming quantity of free apps in Google’s disorganized Android Market. Based on the mobile apps monitoring firm Distino, free downloads take into account more than half the apps, including nice ones produced by Google itself. If you are attempting to convince individuals to pay actual money for the apps, it’s easier to flaunt wares within the apple iphone Application Store, where giveaways only take into account approximately one fourth of listed apps.


The apple iphone includes a huge lead here, and many game designers seem to be hanging back from carrying out to Android for the moment. The greatest exception is Gameloft, that has already released a substantial selection of Android games such as the platformer “Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Stories,” and also the first-person shooter “NOVA.” Ironically, Gameloft stated last fall it’s scaling back on Android development, but still will not sell apps through Google’s embarrassingly chaotic Android Market, choosing to market through its very own website rather.

While you will find plenty of casual games for Android, there’s nowhere close to the momentum of apple iphone, with marquee game titles like “Sim cards,” “Mass Effect” and “Plants versus. Zombies” (at right) already being downloaded through the public. Though one imagines that Android’s explosive growth this season would spur game designers, there’s mostly just lots of vague optimism. “We do not race to anything,” stated Garth Chouteau, a spokesperson for PopCap, which puts out “Plants versus. Zombies,” “Bejeweled” along with other popular mobile games. “We’re focusing on games for Android, adapting a lot of our most widely used games. But we’ve not introduced which games or once they will ship.” Champion: apple iphone

Social media

Intelligent testers took the apple iphone to job for not a really friendly social media platform. You are able to setup your phone to obtain alerts from Twitter and facebook &mdash sometimes through third-party apps that charge money, like Boxcar &mdash but you will never browse your feeds inside a comfortable way without diving deep in to the apps. Microsoft’s approaching Home windows Phone 7 is made around the concept that your feeds ought to be visible as quickly as possible, with sections that you could assign for your buddies, which will aggregate everyone’s updates across multiple social networking services into one particular-to-find square.

Nevermind that Motorola yet others allow us software for Android that’s particularly targeted to feeding you social updates faster, all the new Android phones have Twitter and facebook icons that allow you to browse your people rapidly without causing you to launch any apps. Champion: Android

Kid stuff

Being a parent, I have started to think about the apple iphone, ipod device Touch and iPad as very costly pacifiers. You will find some phenomenal books and academic games being produced for these products, and anybody you never know they will be stuck inside a vehicle having a 3-year-old in excess of 11 minutes will happily purchase every 4g iphone. Around the iPlatform, kids’ apps are very good quality &mdash as well as in the Android Market they are almost totally nonexistent. Seriously, I can not find any one of my personal favorite kids’ apps for Android.

Caroline Hu Flexer, co-founding father of Duck Duck Moose, maker of leading musical toddler edu-apps like “Baa Baa Black Sheep” (at right), reveal the topic: “To date we’ve not produced for Android mainly due to the number of products that people would need to design for and test on,” she stated. “This is very pricey for the small team of three.” She added that they are also afraid of the greater ratio of free apps for Android. Champion: apple iphone

Music, photos and films

If this involves fundamental media playback, the apple iphone is still what Jobs known as his “best ipod device yet.” Syncing tunes, playlists, TV and films &mdash even leased movies &mdash through iTunes is simple regardless of the program’s famous bloat. And when the media is around the apple iphone, it’s not hard to access and manage (as you can tell within the most probably familiar image at right). For those who own their very own music and films, it’s unequalled. Though photo syncing is better carried out through Apple’s iPhoto, another bulky Mac program, it too provides unequalled organization.

For Android customers, media help at the moment needs to come via third-party software. My personal favorite for the time being is DoubleTwist, kind of an iTunes “lite” that operates on Apple computers and Computers and syncs music to many phones, as well as helps organize movies and photos too. Meanwhile, the DoubleTwist application for that phone itself functions such as the ipod device application on apple iphones. (Both software program and also the phone application have the freedom.) Champion: apple iphone

Streaming music

If this involves streaming music and audio-on-demand services, Android suffers no disadvantage. All of the popular apple iphone music apps &mdash The planet pandora, Slacker, Rhapsody, Mog, as well as utilities like SoundHound and Shazam &mdash they are all on Android too. The main difference is, many of them get icons in Android. Pop open your phone and switch through tunes, ditch one service for an additional, hell, play 2 or 3 tunes simultaneously in the same screen in certain freaky mashup performance piece, all without sinking into an application. You cannot do this with an apple iphone, but when you are half crazy, you’d certainly get it done with an Android phone.

Now, Apple’s latest OS release does give the majority of individuals apps the opportunity to be performed in the iPhone’s multitasking menu, only once they are released. And when you launch a replacement, you’ve to return to another application to have it to experience again &mdash there is no method to switch from, say, Mog to The planet pandora, without moving in and starting The planet pandora to consider priority over Mog. Champion: Android

Dining in

Like a guy who is the owner of plenty of knives and containers and kitchen devices &mdash and really uses them fairly regularly &mdash I enjoy attempt to enlist my digital assistants into my cooking misadventures. Although I am a fan of the iPad in the kitchen area, the apple iphone has got the most cooking apps of. And So I was surprised to locate that does not only were a lot of my personal favorite cooking apps already within the Android Market &mdash Epicurious, BigOven as well as Michael Ruhlman’s indispensable Ratio &mdash there have been also a lot of crappy little cooking apps from everywhere. They might not every be that helpful, but it’s a proper sign. You will find a Grocery IQ for Android, a grocery-list syncing application that’s most likely the most famous application within our home. For those who have several apple iphone or Android phone within your house, you really need it (and it is free). Now cause Mark Bittman’s How you can Prepare Everything (at right), and we are running a business. Champion: apple iphone

Eating out

Heading out &mdash particularly hunting lower useful restaurants and funky bars &mdash forms the 3rd a part of an equilateral triangular with music and social media, so it’s no wonder that this is an application category where Android didn’t have trouble making up ground to apple iphone. The disposable trinity of Yelp (at right), Urbanspoon and OpenTable have made their looks within the Android Market, as has got the elder statesman Zagat, filled with its $10 cost. You will find icons for a few of these apps, but to tell the truth, I can not determine the actual advantage. The Zagat widget just teaches you a random nearby restaurant &mdash you are able to refresh it to obtain another suggestion, but after carrying this out a couple of occasions, you miss the standard search interface. Point is, there’s no widget advantage here, and all sorts of apps are equal. Champion: Tie


That one would be a near tie &mdash it’s impressive the number of apple iphone staples like FlightTrack, Kayak and TripAdvisor have managed to get to Android. However, I required points from Android since the Expedia application (at right), a totally free and incredibly helpful extension from the popular travel service, isn’t listed. Not anyway. I additionally discover that the iPhone’s push notices are particularly suitable for flight updates, and that i can’t really observe how a widget provides appealing factor. Champion: apple iphone


I just read every evening on my small iPad, but I have never read greater than a page of the real book on any phone. Still, the appearance of e-book apps on wise phones is really a large buzz maker, and Android is, by now, basically swept up to apple iphone. If this involves marquee e-book apps, both platforms have Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook (at right) and Kobo, that is based on Edges.

Android does not have Apple’s iBooks, clearly, and Apple is certain to fill it up and perhaps even release it for other platforms. Still, you would be from your mind to put money into iBooks now, when any other services are available from this type of variety of devices, including iPad, ipod device and apple iphone.

Android phones will have a little e-book advantage that belongs to them: You are able to copy files for an Android device via USB without requiring iTunes or some kind of special application. As more game titles can be found online, in lots of formats, both with and without content protection, this can keep things simple. There’ll always be third-party methods to move files for an apple iphone and browse them, but Apple might attempt to limit what files could be recognized and moved through iTunes. Chalk one up for Android openness. Champion: Tie

Google apps versus. Apple applications

Certainly one of Android’s not-so-secret weapons is Google, a giant software innovator which has yet to charge a cent to have an application on any platform. Google co-developed the Maps application for apple iphones, however they went one better on their own: Most Android phones running 2. or later include a complete turn-by-turn navigation application. Google does not hold on there: The Android Market has Google Sky Map (at right), Google Translate and Google Goggles &mdash a visible internet search engine &mdash in addition to Google Earth (also is readily available for apple iphone).

By comparison, the apps Apple releases are generally too redundant (MobileMe Gallery), too self-serving (Apple Store) or too damn costly (iMovie $5, and that is presuming you already forked the money for that latest and finest apple iphone). We’ve not seen iWork for that apple iphone yet, but around the iPad, that’s $10 … each. So $30 for Pages, Amounts and Keynote. Champion: Android

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