Number of android apps vs blackberry apps


I’m a phone freak. I know this because of the look people give me when they see all my phones. I usually sport 2-3. Some people like Shervin Pishevar don’t flinch at this. Mostly these people are in Silicon Valley from my experience.Now for the Blackberry 9700, iPhone 4 and Android Nexus S showdown! Here are the pros and cons of the the three devices as I see them and also how I use them.The verdict: A Blackberry + an iPhone or Android = Still The Winner.Five years ago, the word ‘app’ was just a funny noise — and now it’s on everybody’s lips. Easy to get, easy to use and insanely cheap, apps are the future. But what’s the best way to get involved in the world of apps?Perhaps the defining feature of the mobile revolution, the app is what tailors today’s smart phone and tablet to our precise personal needs, and all at a low cost — if not free. So here’s our guide to choosing which family of apps is best for you, whether it’s Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.This article is aimed at those of us who are new to apps, and want to know what the fuss is about. It’s not about comparing the relative benefits of particular phones, instead it’s about giving an overview of the different app options. Let’s start by asking what an app actually is

Blackberry 9700
Wins – Blackberry wins for typing and therefore messaging. Touchscreens are still too slow and sloppy. Emails, text messages and IMs can be fired off quickly and easily and this is the only device you can write long emails on. Blackberry Messenger is also still the benchmark for mobile messaging apps.

Loses – Apps. Total joke except for Google Maps and Twitter and Gchat. The screen is also too small for browsing the web so Blackberry is also the web browsing loser.

iPhone 4
Wins – Apps. The best apps are still coming out on the iPhone first although the Android marketplace is finally catching up. Most of the apps I use heavily on my iPhone (Yelp, TripIt, Foursquare, Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc..) are now available on Android. The iPhone is still the winner on media too especially integrating your music with the device and the cool Apps that let you leverage your music library.

Loses – As a phone and messaging tool I still don’t think it’s as good as a Blackberry and this relates to the other con which is battery. There is no way you can get through a day of full phone usage plus full app and web and email usage on an iPhone. You can make it a full day with the Blackberry but that’s because there aren’t enough apps to drain the battery that much.


Wins – Google. If you use Google apps and products heavily like I do, the integration here is great. The Gchat app on Android is a curse and a blessing. The easy video chatting is great (even works over 4G) but the app constantly has to re-sign in each time it loses network connection for even a bit. The Blackberry Gchat app actually is way better for staying connected and not being told by people that you are constantly logging in and out.

Loses – Battery. If I try and use the Android as my only phone and eschew the Blackberry for phone and messaging, I run out of battery around 2:30pm. This renders the Android useless as a stand alone device and it’s the worst of the three in this regard.

The Bottom Line
If you’re a power user like me, there is still no one device that can get it all done for you. The Blackberry screen is too small and it doesn’t have enough great apps. The iPhone battery doesn’t last long enough for standalone usage and the mail, calendar etc integration is not as strong as Android’s. The Android hasn’t caught up to the Apple App Store and it’s the worst when it comes to battery time.

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