Official Google Keep note taking web and Android apps


A couple of days ago a new Google note-taking app called Keep made its means to the web for a brief time, prior to vanishing again. Now Google Keep is back, and lastly official.

So exactly what does the new app bring to the table? Essentially it is somewhat like Evernote, enabling you to create, spare and share notes, images, job email lists and other content in an arranged manner. The experience progresses past your phone or tablet computer though, as it is incorporated into Google Drive and that indicates that all your notes and data come from any device or computer system along with access to Drive.

Do not wish to make the effort to enter all your notes? No fears, the app is effortless to manage wearing your voice as well, and can even immediately translate voice memos for you.

While this should not be a problem for those of us along with fairly brand-new equipment, it is worth discussing that the app does call for Android 4.0 ICS or greater to operate. For those along with Jelly Bean 4.2, there is additionally a lock display thingamajig that makes taking down notes wearing Keep also less complicated.

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