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[Guide] Reverting to old Android market

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I installed the most recent Android market the moment it had been leaked on XDA, initially it did look great, but later I skipped the old Android market, not just since i was utilized into it, however i use EDGE also it takes forever for Android market to load while using the it, it opens quick enough after i am using Wi-Fi, however i am always travelling and installing new programs and so i made the decision to revert to the old Android market, and believed that everyone should be studying the same, and so i made the decision to create helpful information about this.

Well you will find 3 ways to return to your old Android market, stick to the techniques below:
Method 1:

I attempted this process however when I restarted my phone the brand new market was back. So undergo this process if you’re searching to download something fast and want old Android market rapidly.

Visit Configurations > Programs > Manage Programs > Choose to see All > Go lower to where your Android market is and choose it
Now within the Market configurations choose &ldquoUninstall updates&rdquo
Stick to the prompts and press OK
Press home and open Android Market
It will highlight a screen using the Android market conditions and terms, Accept it
Wait until it loads and goes in to the old Android market

Method 2:

I just read this process somewhere, didn’t really get it done, but considered discussing.

Download a credit card applicatoin known as aTrackDog came from here
After setting up the applying, open it up up and un-install Android Market from this
Turn off your phone and switch it back on, You now will have the ability to begin to see the old Android market

Mthod 3:

This is actually the procedure that we carried out though Irrrve never restarted my phone after doing the work so I don’t know if the new market returns or otherwise.

Download Market.apk and updater.apk
Copy these two application towards the cause of your Sdcard (Not in almost any folder)
Using Root Explorer application mount system as RW
Open the folder named application within the system folder
Remove programs with filename &ldquoVending.APK&rdquo and &ldquoMarketUpdater.APK&rdquo
Now enter in the folder named data in the folder named data (Yes I understand)
Remove files &ldquocom.android.snack&rdquo and &ldquocom.android.snack.updater&rdquo
After doing the above mentioned methods turn off the telephone and switch it back on
Reopen Root Explorer application and again mount file system as RW
Now copy the file named &ldquoUpdater.APK&rdquo out of your SDcard to /System/application
Turn off and turn on your phone again
Again remount the file system as RW
Now this time around copy &ldquoMarket.APK&rdquo from SDcard to /System/application
Reboot the telephone and today you’ve got the old Android market, Enjoy.

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